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Tips from online learners: Is online learning right for me?

Not sure if online learning is right for you? An online student lists the different resources offered by Digital Campus to help you make the right decision such as mini-assessments, tips, advice and guidance. You can also speak to a representative via email or live video/chat.

Surprises about online learning

Online learning is all about working independently. Wrong, that's a myth. It also includes collaboration. An online student shares her experiences in an online course that she has little background in.

Who does best in online classes?

16473113.jpgA wide variety of students engage in e-learning, from high school students to parents looking for a career boost -- and they use and engage with it in many different ways.

But research shows that certain types of students are most likely to succeed in an e-learning environment. These are:

  • Motivated learners, who are proactive and have sticktoitiveness
  • Autonomous learners, who can self-regulate and control their own learning experiences
  • Learners of all ages, with the motivation and autonomy to succeed

The research has implications for course instructions, too. They may want to work into their course design some elements that help students self-monitor, and be mindful to set progressive deadlines. Instructors may, when possible, want to incorporate real-time chats, lectures or other synchronous course elements, encourage reflection and foster interactivity.

For more information, read the full literature review in eLearn Magazine.

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