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Video Ant: A video annotation tools

According to a recent article in the Chronicle of the Higher Education, it is found in a new study that many online instructors aren't taking advantage of interactive instructional tools like online video. Instead, the professors are relying on static (i.e., text based) course materials and assignments. These text-based course materials aren't likely to motivate students very much.

For instructors who are using or planning to use video in their courses, I would like to introduce the 'Video Ant (', an easy video annotation tools created by U of M.

video ant screen2.jpg

Using video ant, students can critique and annotate their idea about a video on Youtube or Media Mill.

You can find more information and video tutorials of Video Ant in Video Ant Blog.

As an example of utilizing the Video Ant, Tani Bialek, an instructor in OLPD let her online course students find a video on Youtube related to the course topic. And then, students are required to discuss, critique, and annotate it. The annotated videos are then posted on the Moodle site for all students in the course to view.

Read more about Bialek's story in another TEL blog entry.

Engagement and Wonder

The Chronicle interviewed Michael Wesch of Kansas State University, the famous (at least in my world) and inventive professor who creates engaging, learner-oriented lessons with YouTube, Twitter, Google Docs, and many other types of technology. (See his World Simulation project for just one example.)

The key theme of the article is that it is not technology that makes these lessons amazing; it is the fact that the technology helps create an environment of wonder, exploration, and connectedness. We know this already, from the literature and best practices - students who are engaged with other students and their professor are more likely to be successful (see Quality Matters among many others), students learn better when they can scaffold (Bloom's taxonomy, e.g.) and apply what they learned previously to new situations, etc. But it is an easy point to lose track of in the exciting world of tablets, simulations, and mobile learning.

Good teaching is good teaching. Technology can facilitate good teaching. Technology for technology's sake is not useful and can distract from learning.

Finally, follow Michael Wesch for inspiring uses of technology to create engaged learners.

On a quest for the most readers: Open access to research articles

Can you have your cake and eat it? Julie Kelly and Kristine Fowler think that is possible. They explain the routes a researcher can take to balance the conundrum between getting published in highly regarded but expensive journals that few have access to and reaching the widest number of readers.

For more information about 20 by 20: An OIT Pecha Kucha Event, see That web page provides an overview of the event and links to the Google Site.

Open engagement" by "20 by 20: An OIT Pecha Kucha Event

A platform that facilitates open learning and encourages engagement and collaboration.

For more information about 20 by 20: An OIT Pecha Kucha Event, see That web page provides an overview of the event and links to the Google Site

When passion and creativity meet technology

Many of you might have already seen this. But if you have not yet, it is worth to watch!! This music video from the 'Playing for Change' project was created more than two years ago. I was pleasantly surprised watching this.

As you see in the video, the project staffs traveled around the world, recorded parts of a song played by many street musicians and mixed them together making a wonderful song.

This project shows really well what can be done when we have passion, creativity with some knowledge in technology (and maybe some fund).

How about showing this to your class and ask them to do some creative things using technologies, which can make a little difference?

Many studies of creativity show that when exposed to creative role models, people are stimulated to increase their creativity, too.

Sixth Sense computing

Have you ever watched a video about "SixthSense" on
If not, watch it below. You will be amazed at the technology.

Here is description about the presentation from
' Sixsense' is "a wearable device with a projector that paves the way for profound interaction with our environment. Imagine "Minority Report" and then some."

If the 'SixthSense' becomes a common device like laptop computers, what would happen in our classrooms? How can instructors and students utilize this device in their learning experience? Maybe you will be able to see instructors and students interact with each other using this device and their motion will lead to some collaborative work such as virtual art painting. That is just one imagination of mine. Nobody can't tell or imagine exactly what will happen. But one thing is for sure. Technology is surely going further and further.

Tips from online learners: Is online learning right for me?

Not sure if online learning is right for you? An online student lists the different resources offered by Digital Campus to help you make the right decision such as mini-assessments, tips, advice and guidance. You can also speak to a representative via email or live video/chat.

Tips from online learners: Schedule issues for online learners

Not sure how to fit online courses into your busy schedule? An online student describes how she managed to accommodate her online courses into her schedule without any hassle.

Tips from online learners: Suggestions

Time management is everything for someone contemplating online learning. While online learning means flexibility and convenience, it also requires self-discipline. Hear what an online student has to say about the importance of time management.

Things I learned about myself as an online student

Being an online student also means stepping outside one's comfort zone such as making changes to one's study habits and learning styles.

Changes I had to make as an online student

While online learning gives you more flexibility in managing your work-life-study commitments, it sometimes requires you to make certain changes in your habits/lifestyle. Hear what a student has to say about some of the changes he had to make to accommodate his online classes.

Learning platform: Great resource tool for online learners

Great technology tool to help students stay organized and keep track of their classes and progress as well as manage their busy schedules. Students can access itunes U, student discussion boards, professor contact information and library materials.

This is a wonderful tool to use especially if you are not on campus. You can access the learning platform from anywhere with an internet connection. In fact, with its rich features, you can access almost every necessary resources you may need as a student without ever having to leave the comfort of your home or coffee shop or where ever else you may be!

Online students use the learning platform all the time to stay in touch with professors, interact with fellow course mates, download course materials and upload assignments and keep track of their academic progress.

Faculty tech selector: how-to and why you should use it.

The Faculty Technology Selector is a tool that makes it easy for instructors to share online and digital resources with students in myU.

Lois Eaton, an instructor in the Kinesiology department shares her experiences with the tech selector. She uploaded videos onto the portal and students can view it at their leisure instead of having to check out the lecture video from the library. Instructors can easily associate websites, electronic media, wiki and class messages with each class they are teaching.

Completely sold on this idea but do not know how to use the technology selector? This video provides a step-by-step guide to use the selector.

Discover myU

Instead of having to click through several links just to pay tuition or have several programs running on your computer at the same time to help you keep track of emails, schedules, deadlines, myU is a one-stop website that helps you manage your busy life as a student.

You can manage all your classes, find exact locations on the map, keep abreast of latest events, search for opportunities to volunteer, keep track of your schedules/calendar, download transcripts, pay tuition fees and manage emails all on 1 website - myU.

myU learning platform also enables students to share information, exchange tips and advice, ask questions and get answers from fellow course mates.

Wikis in Plain English

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YouTube - Wikis in Plain English

This has been going around for a long time. But it's a good video, and I'm going to show it in a training next week, so I dug it up again.

I like that the video points out the flaws in trying to collaborate in email; most of us have been doing our work this way for so long that the inefficiency is not always obvious.

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