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Hey everyone!
This weekend was our SIE cathedral tour, or as Judith liked to call it: "The Cathedral Express". Friday we attended a lecture by Kathryn Martin about the structure and history of cathedrals, and then took a tour of the cathedral here in Worcester. I was surprised at how much of the cathedral was from Victorian times, as opposed to the original structure from the 1200's. Another interesting thing was the Worcester Pilgrim. During some renovations to the cathedral the body of a pilgrim was found. He was reburied in a different place in the cathedral, and his boots are on display in the crypt (they're in surprisingly good shape!). The Worcester cathedral is the only one in England that has a pilgrim buried in it. Then on Saturday we left campus around 8 am (much to the despair of many of us) and set out for cathedrals in Gloucester and Hereford. It was so cool that even though the cathedrals all have the same layout, they also all have their own special characteristics. The cathedral in Hereford had beautiful new stained glass windows, which was my favorite part of every cathedral. I also found it kind of funny that every cathedral had a cafe and gift shop...capitalism at its finest I guess. Anyway, I've got to be writing a paper for my Shakespeare class. Until next time!

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