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Hello everyone, and by everyone, I mean Jen :D
That reminds me, I'd like to do a shout-out to my friends from R2! I miss you guys bunches!
Also if anyone has any questions you'd like me to answer on here or there's something you think I should talk about, feel free to email me at
Okay, on to today's topic:
Today I want to talk a little about what our classes are like here, because it's completely different than UMD. This semester I'm taking four classes, 15 credits, and I have class three days a week. Each class meets once a week for three to four hours. That's right. One class, for three hours :S Fortunately we do get breaks. Having class once a week means we do a lot of outside work ourselves. In our UMD Shakespeare class with Paul Cannan we're reading a play a week and only spend on class period talking about each one. The nice thing about this system is only having one or two classes a day and being able to really focus on that subject. The bad thing is being in class for three hours at a time. It was hard to get used to at first but now that we're five weeks in it's a lot easier. In other news, I've decided that in each of my blog entries I'm going to have one piece of English slang that I enjoy. This week is...drum roll....
"couldn't be bothered"
This is a lovely alternative to "I was too lazy to" For example: I needed to do laundry and write a paper, but I just couldn't be bothered. That's all for now!

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