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Alright, due to some kind of technical problem my entry about last weekend did not make it on here, so here it goes again:
This past week was reading week, which is basically a week off of classes for fall graduation. Cassandra, Michael and I took advantage of our time off by taking a weekend trip to London! We left Thursday night and took the train over. It was my first time on a train, so that in itself was pretty cool. The journey was easy, for the most part. We did get off at the wrong stop in Birmingham, but all we had to do was wait ten minutes for the next train to get to New Street. Not nearly as scary as I thought it would be. A couple of Cassandra's friends from high school are studying at American Regents College in London this semester so not only did we have a free place to stay but we also had people to show us around! This made our weekend so much easier than the trips other people in SIE have taken there since we got here. Friday morning they took us to Harrod's, the world's biggest and fanciest department store. That place is truly incredible, I spent most of the morning with my hands jammed in my pockets so I wouldn't break anything. Then we headed over to Camden Market, where you can find just about anything you'd ever want to buy as long as you don't care where it came from. I loved Camden; it was bustling with people but it wasn't the least bit scary. Friday night there were tons of fireworks for Guy Fawkes Day, and we hit a couple of pubs to celebrate. Saturday we checked out Trafalgar Square, or Snuffaluffagus Square as I like to call it, outside the National Gallery. It's such a cool place, there's a huge fountain and you can climb all over the giant lion statues. We also visited Big Ben (turns out it's real name is St. Steven's Tower, Big Ben is just the clock), and checked out the London Eye from across the Thames. Then we managed to get tickets to see Legally Blonde the musical for only ten pounds each! This was definitely the highlight of my weekend. The tickets were super cheap because we were in the very front row, which means you can see every drop of sweat on a performer's face but you can't see their feet. Still, I loved every minute of it. I could lean over the ledge in front of me and see the entire orchestra pit. I even talked to one of the musicians a bit during intermission. I hope I'll be able to go back to London at least one more time; there's a couple of other places I'd like to see like the Globe Theater and Platform 9 3/4 at King's Cross! That's all for now, next weekend we're headed to Wales with the rest of the program.

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