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Hello everyone!
Well life has been just as crazy this week as it was when I wrote my last entry. Our show for Loco Show Co. is this weekend!! I'm super excited. After a twelve, that's right twelve, hour rehearsal on Sunday we are ready to rock and roll in Alice in Wonderland. Thanksgiving dinner last week was lovely; thanks to our professors and administrative liason, Cath, it was everything a Thanksgiving dinner should be. I ate wonderful food, laughed until I cried, convinced the entire table I was crazy, and threw my napkin...multiple times. It also made me realize how thankful I am to have this opportunity this year. I miss my family immensely, but I know that they support me and are so proud of me for going on this adventure of a lifetime. I'm also really excited about the Worcester Christmas Fayre this weekend! I guess it's quite an event around here, there's all sorts of booths with wonderful food and people dressed in Victorian attire and lots of fun Christmas gifts. I will definitely be writing about it next week. That's all for now.

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