Thanksgiving...Or Lack Thereof

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This week has been kind of hard. Partly because I've got a lot of homework. But the thing I've been struggling with the most lately is Thanksgiving, or rather the lack of Thanksgiving. Right after Halloween all the shops in Worcester switched to Christmas decorations and some even play Christmas music occasionally. All I could think was "No! You can't play that until after Thanksgi...oh wait." The fact that they just skip right to Christmas completely boggles my mind. My flatmates have never had pumpkin pie; they have no idea what Thanksgiving even is other than the fact that it's an American holiday that partially revolves around food. But it's so much more than that.
We're having a dinner with all the SIE students next Thursday, but the closer it gets the more I think about what I'll be missing back home. I have never missed my family more than I do right now. Not only will I not be at home for Thanksgiving, but just the fact that the holiday doesn't even exist here is kind of giving me a complex. I've tried to explain it to my English friends, but they just don't seem to understand what it's all about. For me, it's about being grateful for all the wonderful things I have, like my family. Being away from home for Thanksgiving has made me realize how much I love my family, and also how precious my time with them is. I'm also grateful for the amazing opportunity I've been given through the Study in England Programme; being here has already changed my life in so many ways and made me more aware of my own culture as well as others. So while I won't be around to watch football with my brothers or help my mom make pies this year, they will be in my heart all weekend. I'll also have all my friends here, both old and new, to share this holiday with. And hopefully, I'll be able to convey what Thanksgiving is about: being thankful.

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