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Merry Christmas everyone!
Well I made it through my first semester abroad, and when I say made I mean loved it! This past weekend I made my first trip outside of England and went to Dublin, Ireland. It was such an amazing trip, I already want to go back. There was live music everywhere, every night and so much to see in an amazing city. Forrest, Denise, and I visited the Guinness Storehouse (so much fun, and you get to pour your own pint!) the Dublin Castle, found Molly Malone, accidentally found St. Stephen's Green, and all sorts of other shenanigans in between. Our hostel was right on the River Liffey, which might be one of the most beautiful rivers I've ever seen. There are four or five footbridges that go across it, and they're each architecturally different. One was very intricate and "lacey", another was more spartan; they each had something special. I absolutely loved the atmosphere of Ireland; the people are funny and fun-loving, and Dublin was surprisingly easy to navigate for such a big city. We spent our last night in a pub where there was a live band followed by a riverdance performance. Possibly the best night of my life. I love bluegrass music and bluegrass has its roots in Ireland, so I was in heaven all weekend being surrounded by amazing Irish music. Today we're headed to Twycross, England to spend Christmas with our flatmate. I'm so grateful to Gabriel and his family for opening their home to us. That's all I have to say today, except Merry Christmas!!

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