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My blog entry today isn't about a specific adventure I've had or a big event. Today is more about things that I've learned since I've been studying abroad; or rather, one lesson that has stood out the most. I've learned that when you're in a place or a situation that's unfamiliar and you're feeling lost, the best thing you can do is find some tiny familiar thing to hold on to. One of the reasons I was glad to go home in January for two weeks was because it allowed me to get my feet back on the ground a bit. I could focus both on what I loved about America as well as what I love about living here in England. Along that same line, I'm also very very glad that I decided to randomly audition with Loco Show Co. here in Worcester. Getting to be in theater again has given me something to look forward to as well as allowed me to meet some truly amazing people. And more recently this group has given me the chance to do something I always wanted: play the lead in a show. That's right, I'll be playing Julia in Loco's production of The Wedding Singer. We just started rehearsals, and already I can hardly contain my excitement. When classes get hectic or I get a little homesick, Loco is what I hold on to. So I guess that's my advice to anyone who is thinking about studying abroad or moving to a new place or trying anything new really. You don't have to forget who you are or where you came from to have a fresh start. In fact, it's probably better if you don't. We can't just float around and not be attached to anything; something has to tie us to where we are, where we've been, and where we're going.

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Even though I dont have a big experience with visiting foreign countries, Ive noticed that EVERYWHERE there is at least something little you can relate to, which brings you back to your native land... Edward

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