April 7, 2008

Film legend dead at 84

Well known actor and 2nd Amendment activist Charlton Heston died Saturday. The cause of his death has not been released.
Heston was known for memorable roles in films such as 'The Ten Commandments', 'Ben Hur', 'Soylent Green', and the 'Planet of the Apes' series.

He is also remembered as an outspoken activist for gun rights, and the Chairman of the National Rifle Association.

Local impact in out-of-state house fire

The bodies of two Minnesotan women and one Wisconsin man were found after a house fire near the campus of the University of Wisconsin - Stout. The cause of the fire is not yet known, but foul play has been seemingly ruled out. Memorial services are currently being planned.

Another band trip bus crash on I-94

Less than 3 years after a tragic bus crash on Interstate 94 that took five lives, another bus involved in a school band trip was involved in a crash on the same highway, this time killing only one. The bus veered off the road sometime early Saturday morning, but the cause of the crash is not yet known.

Clinton's remarks questioned again

Not long after having 'misspoke' about being caught under enemy sniper fire, Hillary Clinton is again caught up in an argument about things she said on the campaign trail. She is now dropping certain comments from her stump speeches about a particular pregnant woman without health care, due to some questions being raised about the story's validity.

March 31, 2008

Trouble (getting) across the pond

Since the U.S. and U.K. have entered into the 'Open Skies Agreement', Heathrow airport in London has been working a building a new gate to accommodate all the expected traffic.

This week, Terminal 5 opened...and everything has gone wrong. Delays, long lines and computer crashes have plagued this terminal from day one.

Not making it any easier, the Telegraph reports that things might stay this way for a while.

Architecht of Twin Cities building awarded prize

The designer of the Guthrie Theater in Minneapolis has been awarded the top architecture honor for 2008.

The Pritzker Prize comes with a medallion and $100 thousand.

Lowry Hill Tunnel Out

The Lowry Hill Tunnel will be closed for cleaning during the late night/early morning hours of Monday and Tuesday. This may wreak havoc on Twins' fans leaving the Metrodome after the sold-out home opener on Monday.

The projected weather forecast might also add to the mayhem.

A Bernstein Flop?

A musical written by the master of the American musical is getting revisited for his 90th birthday.

Composer Leonard Bernstein wrote a play in 1976 called "1600 Pennsylvania Avenue". The play did not do well at all and was pulled very shortly after its opening.

This year, the New York Time reports an adaptation of the work will be given a second chance.

Perhaps everyone is so sick of hearing "West Side Story", that they're picking a flop just so everyone won't be bored.

Maybe when Spielberg turns 90, they'll re-screen 1941.

Vytorin being pulled

It seems that a drug promising to lower key risks of heart disease does just that, but it doesn't do anything regarding the actual prevention of heart disease. Doctors are suggesting more traditional forms of treatment regarding heart disease after a recent study showed that drugs like Vytorin actually do no good in the prevention of heart disease.

Perhaps there is just no escaping the heart disease/heredity parallel.

March 26, 2008

Moose still in trouble

Minnesota has been trying to deal with the declining moose population since early 2007, but it still seems that the moose are in danger. The Minnesota DNR, in cooperation with other groups, has begun more work on tagging and tracking moose population decreases across the state. Some researchers are blaming global warming for the problem.

March 24, 2008

More veto reprecussions

It turns out that State Rep. Kathy Tingelstad won't fight her party any longer. Instead of running without her party's endorsement next election, the representative will bring her 12 year Minnesota House career to and end.

March 10, 2008

China terrorist attack thwarted

The Chinese government told the media that the people they killed in the Xinjiang Uygur Autonomous Region of China were planning an attack on Beijing during the summer Olympic Games. The Chinese also warned that similar threats will be met with the same response.

Veto over-turners punished by own party

It appears that doing what one thinks is best for their state isn't good enough any more. The three Republican senators who voted to override Governor Pawlenty's transportation bill veto are being denied the backing of their own party in the upcoming election. Two have said that they will run for re-election without the backing of their party.

Man arrested in Craig-style fashion acquitted...

A man arrested in a Minneapolis airport bathroom for lewd behavior, much like the highly publicized arrest of Idaho Senator Larry Craig, was acquitted in a Hennepin County courthouse. The man's arguments mirrored that of Mr. Craig's, saying that the police officer provoked the actions, and that the acquitted was not at fault.

More info released on Times Square Bombing

After a bomb attack struck an Armed Forces building in Times Square, authorities have released some new information. A video of the alleged assailant along with a picture of the bicycle they were riding was released. The idea that this attack could be linked to other bicycle-related attacks on government buildings was also confirmed.