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That's a big gun...

Reuters ran a story last month about the decline of gun ownership in America. They attribute much of the decline to the overall diminishing of the gun culture in America. Those most interested in guns are getting older, while the younger generations are greatly less interested in firearms. While this report seems promising, a news story today reminds us all that while the number of gun-interested youth are diminishing, they are not totally gone.

The Star Tribune reports that a suburban middle schooler was caught with a hand gun in his school. Luckily, no one was hurt. The school and police officials are not releasing whether the gun was loaded or not, or what the boy's intentions were.

What took me by surprise was the gun the boy brought to school, a .357 Magnum. I figured that if a kid was going to bring a gun to school, it would've been something small and concealable. I don't know anything about guns, so I had to look up what a .357 Magnum looks like. It's huge. The barrel, bullets and chamber are all huge. It's not the biggest, but it is quite large, especially for a 7th-grader.

The size of the gun really has no real point in the story, I just found it strange. And now a know a little bit about guns.