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Possible UThink Templates

It is our hope to provide the faculty, staff, and students of the U of M with a wide variety of templates and styles that they can use to enhance the appearance of their blogs. These are the first attempts at creating U of M themed templates. Please let me know if you have anything to add at These templates were created by Jen Tantzen and myself.

Please note that these are for demonstration purposes only. Most of the links on these pages are broken or don't work.

Jen's first try. We were both trying to get grasp on the CSS used by Movable Type, as well as the Main Index Template, at this point. Next Jen is going to try something more in tune with the U of M WebDepot Templates. Obviously, snow was on her mind in this attempt.

Memorial Blog
As many of you know, the University Libraries provide access to an amazing database of U of M Images, many of which come from the University Archives. As a fan of Gopher football, my first try hearkens back to the glory days with a template focusing on Memorial Stadium.

Play 2
An attempt to use CSS, maroon and gold, and a different kind of layout. This may be one that takes some getting used to.

Cartograph Blog
In the New Books section on the first floor of Wilson Library there is a beautiful cartograph of the U of M Minneapolis campus ca. 1936. This drawing of Memorial Stadium is a small part of the picture. The rest of the cartograph covers the entire Minneapolis campus. Come by and check it out.

Hockey Blog
Sorry for all the sports themed templates, but how could you not create one honoring our two-time NCAA national champion Golden Gophers?

This is only the beginning. We hope to have many different templates for people to choose from, and we hope people in the U of M community will also submit their own designs. Stay tuned for more updates!