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October 4, 2008

RSS -- a new language

I think I could really like this RSS stuff on Bloglines, but I am struggling with several things:

1. What did I do wrong? I am not getting my Craig's List feed, even though I clicked on the same items that I did to get the other feeds?
2. How do I get a different layout, so I can have 2 or 3 columns of feeds?
3. OK, so what is "Disable CSS?"
4. And what is "Atom"?
5. Once I open a feed, does it delete the stuff that's on there? If I don't go to the feed for a week, does it keep all the stuff up there for the week or only the stuff for the past hour?

Maybe Loging Out Was the Trick?

I gave up. I logged out of everything and started over. Now my entries are posted. Go figure.

Make that an Hour

I have just tried "Rebuild Site" to get my previous entry tonight posted. No luck.

I have tried "New Entry" to get my previous entry tonight posted. No luck.

I have used "show unpublished" to get my previous entry tonight posted. No luck.

I have even approved Bruce and Amy's comments to my blog, and they have not appeared.

I am resorting to reading the directions under "Help" (top tool bar) in Movable Type 3.2 User Manual. Let's see if that's any better...

OK, I just added a new "Primary Category" called "Blog Basics" because the directions told me "one category must be designated as the primary category for each entry." I don't remember having to name a category when I made my first to entries. (But then again, since I obviously don't remember how to get my comments actually to post, I don't remember a lot of the details from before...)

Hey -- what's this I'm reading about "Keywords" in the directions. I don't see a place on this screen to put in any Keywords. What am I not seeing, or is it not here?

I am supposed to decide if I will "enable this entry to accept TrackBack pings." HUH?? Also, what the heck is a "ping"????

Remembering how to login to my blog

Agh! I got busy and forgot how to log into my blog. It took me about a half hour to figure it out. I wish I had bookmarked the login page when I created my blog :-( Fortunately, I was able to re-read Amy's blog lesson and, when I saw the video again, I was able to figure it out.

Now I'm struggling with getting this comment posted. I clicked "Save" at the bottom of this page and the pop-up screen says "Your entry has been saved. You can now make any changes to the entry itself, edit the authored-on date, edit comments, or send a notification." That doesn't really tell me anything about whether or not it actually got POSTED.

Also, when I did the quote just now, I tried to use the " tab on this page, but it didn't do anything. Am I missing something that I don't understand? (Probably...)

Amy, you just can't get too basic for this Digital Dinosaur!