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favorite digital artist

Digital art has opened new doors for me as an artist. I really appreciate the fact that I can click back in programs like photoshop and undo changes I don't like. I think it is different from say a painting. Things that interest me about digital art are the fluxus like movement of it and that it can reach many people at one time...and fast! When paging through my class book, the thing I was most intrigued by was Olia Lialina. She is a Russian web artist. Her piece called My Boyfriend Came Back From the War (1996). It is an interactive internet based project. She says that if you are using the net to promote your art then it has to be net based as in there is not really any other way to view it.
Lialina said that she came up with the idea for the story when she spent a day "…trying to send my text to one newspaper by modem - not email - but connecting modems. It took so much time and energy, and it was always a mistake, every time different, but mistake; and suddenly I imagined that soon teleportation will be possible, but it will work the same way as internet connection now. Lots of mistakes, thousands of errors, millions of misunderstandings."
One thing I love about her work is that it is very basic in color. I think this is effective because it allows the viewer to concentrate on the context it is being represented in. The images are very striking and beautiful, she uses herself in her work and while typically thought of as too self involved, I think it is just a means of showing herself as her work, in it. Living and breathing what it is. I think that is what is so beautiful about it. It is like a special language she has with the viewer.
"I am trying to defend the internet. That is my attitude. Not by special ideologies, not by proclaiming something, but by developing its language. If artists develop and give a life to the language for this environment, it is more difficult for commercial structures, for people who just want to represent their works in the net. It is more difficult for them to feel comfortable in this world after it has its own language."
As I mentioned before it is in constant flux. Informing people, reorganizing to inform the next viewer. All of the links she has created make it possible to view in mass. No two clicks are the same. The constant transformation of her work is brilliant.