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N.G.A. Conference Intern Experience

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This February I had the opportunity to attend the N.G.A. Convention as a social media intern with three other Applied Economic / Agriculture and Food Business Management students. The internship included presenting for a case competition about social media to a panel of industry professionals and being paired with a mentor working in independent retailing. The case presentation was a fantastic experience of working with peers not in my University of Minnesota classes and talking to faculty and industry professionals about a hot topic in business. It was exciting to attend workshops at the conference and hear presenters emphasize that social media is becoming necessary for independent retailers.

The most exciting part of the convention for me was sitting in on meetings between my assigned mentor, Andy Knoblauch from Coborns Inc., and suppliers. It was extremely interesting to learn about the relationship between retailer and supplier, sales performance metrics reviewed annually, and current marketing strategies and promotional tools.

The convention was a wonderful learning and networking experience and a great compliment to the many events and programs I have attended through CFANS in my time at the University of Minnesota. What a great experience!

Anna Eggen

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couldn't have said the idea better! Sweet website.. cya

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