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2011 Spring TFIC Newsletter

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Have Farmer's Markets Become Over-Saturated?

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TFIC Director Rob King spoke with the Fresh & Local radio show on June 4 about recent marketing trends at farmer's markets. The show is a production of the Minneapolis Farmers Market and the Central Minnesota Vegetable Growers Association. An audio file of the discussion is available at Fresh & Local Radio Rob King 6-4-2011.mp3.

Analyzing the Health and Financial Impacts of E. coli Contamination

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The toxic strain of E.coli that has been found on vegetables throughout Europe has demonstrated the destructive and fast-moving impact contaminated food can have on the food supply. The Food Industry Center studied the health and economic impacts of E. coli contamination on the fresh produce industry in Natural Selection: 2006 E. coli Recall of Fresh Spinach: A Case Study by The Food Industry Center.

This exemplary case summarizes the 2006 fresh spinach recall and questions prompted by one of the largest outbreaks of foodborne illness in the United States in recent years -- an estimated 4,000 cases.

Food shortage story | WCCO Radio

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In an interview with Dave Lee on WCCO Radio's morning show, Director Emeritus Jean Kinsey responds to the recent OXFAM report Growing a Better Future and its warnings about growing food shortages and a broken food system.

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