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NGA Experience 2013

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Working with the University of Minnesota Food Industry Center and attending the National Grocers Association conference was a great opportunity. It allowed me to apply what I have learned from my economic, sales, and marketing classes to a real life case study. As one of the four members of the University of Minnesota team, I had a large role in creating an adaptive solution for Chief and Ray's grocery stores. During our preparation we collaborated with both Supervalu and Lunds to gain input and advice.
Once we arrived in Las Vegas we participated in multiple presentations on a range of food industry related topics from experts in their field. After attending presentations we were paired with a mentor. My mentor was Ron Cook who is the Vice President and Director of Marketing for Neimann Foods Incorporated. He shared a wealth of knowledge on how both the food industry and the National Grocers Association conference has change throughout the years. He also walked me through the showroom of the conference where we networked, learned about new trends, and sample produces from a range of national food companies.
Finally, we gave our case study presentation to a panel food industry judges. This including giving a fifteen minute presentation about our specific strategy to promote Chief and Ray's grocery store's mission and increase their market share. This allowed us to explain our research on food market trends, our cost analysis, and positive future impact we how to have on Chief and Ray's grocery stores. Overall this experience gave me a greater network and knowledge of the food industry that I will be able to apply to my future education and career.
Tory Ahmann

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