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NGA Convention

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Attending the NGA convention and participating in the NGA case competition was a great experience. I really enjoyed participating in the case competition, as we were able to work with other students in developing mobile marketing recommendations for independent grocery stores. It was a great learning experience as our mobile coupon recommendations could be implemented and used in actual independent grocery stores. What I liked best about this case competition was that we were able to present our real world recommendations to judges that are well knowledgeable in the independent grocery industry. We were also able to listen to the other schools presentations and see how other students were able to take the same topic and formulate a different presentation. It was also a great opportunity to be able to interact with students from other universities that also share an interest in the food industry.

Being able to attend the NGA show and being part of the case competition was a great learning experience that I am very glad I was able to partake in. I learned a lot in preparing for the case competition and presenting, and it was a great networking opportunity to meet a lot of individuals in the food industry.