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Assignment 3. Narrative and Non-Narrative Photography: Image Sequence. Create two pieces that incorporate from at least three images. This project explores how photographs can relate in a group. In linear fashion photographs can relate events in time, or when arranged as a narrative, they can tell stories. They can also function in non-linear, poetic ways that leave a strong impression that stimulate us to divine our own meaning from inexplicable photographic relationships. Other photographic choices can emphasize formal relationships, and visually engaging us in the pleasure of patterns, shapes and surprising linear and tonal interactions. This assignment asks you to complete three pieces that use multiple photographs. Note: This is a "straight" photographic project, not a composite layered project. Photographs may be cut/cropped and shaped to conform to an overall aspect ratio for the piece. Print on the Epson 4800 printers.

Narrative & Non-Narrative photography
Multiples, sequence examples and a history of the photo-essay
Create 2 photographic sequences
1: Concentrates on basic narrative story-telling structure
2: A non-narrative piece that uses light and subject to move through the sequence

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