November 21, 2005

New Links on _Macbeth_

"Equivocation and Free Choice in _Macbeth_"

If you are interested in hearing more about equivocation in _Macbeth_, you may want to read this short essay.

More Essays on _Macbeth_

This website has quite a few links to essays of various topics on _Macbeth_.

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November 15, 2005

The Scottish Play

With world enough and time, you might visit "Angels and Ministers of Grace: Theatrical Superstitions through the Ages" by Krsitin McDermott.

It places superstitions about productions of Macbeth in a larger theatrical context. Make of its slightly mystical conclusion what you will.

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November 3, 2005

Guthrie/Shakespeare's Globe Production of Measure For Measure

Use the comments to discuss your reaction to the production. Possible starting points:

What effects did the the all-male cast have?

What are the effects of having the Duke be so tentative, so bumbling? (This is not a standard reading of him).

What of Isabella, including the ending?

Angelo was almost laconic (also, unfortunately, too soft-spoken, as was Isabella at times). What seemed to be suggested by his tone and pacing?

What stage business (actions/interactions) surprised you, or were particularly effective or not?

What effects did the long, spare stage have? The music? The dancing?

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The Richard III Society

For those of you intersted in the historical Richard, the Richard III Society is devoted to a reassessment of him as a historical figure, rather than a figure of legend, propaganda, and sheer dramatic villainy..

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