February 5, 2008

Have Doughnuts, Will Travel

As I boarded the Hiawatha line yesterday morning, heading to the U, I took up my usual standing room position near the rear door of the second car a for quick exit to my bus connection at the Metrodome station.

Standing next to me, however, was a woman holding a large cardboard tray of doughnuts--at least three dozen. The aroma was miserably tempting, especially since I'd dashed out without breakfast.

My usual three-stop ride was interminable.

There I was, go-mug of coffee in hand, and doughnuts within sight and smell, but infinitely out of reach: Tantalus redux.

As we pulled up to the Staypuffed Marshmallow Dome, another woman, also exiting the train, teasingly offered the doughnut bearer: "Need help carrying those?"

Chuckling, I wondered why I hadn't thought of being so charitable. Too busy drooling.

Posted by tgus at 11:03 AM


OK--Over 2 years between posts. Maybe a new record in the blogosphere. Might as well return on Super Duper Fat Tuesday.

But this Strib article got me thinking about linking again.

The article references high gas prices and a desire to go green as reasons for the surge in ridership. Probably true, and fine reasons. Surely the bridge collapse and need for alternate routes and means of commuting is playing a role too.

At any rate, welcome aboard, new transit riders. Clearly we need our elected officials to support the demand. And clearly I've got some work to do to update this site. The race is on.

Posted by tgus at 10:22 AM