May 8, 2009

Check out...

Hennepin County's Transit Vision

Click on a corridor to get more info.

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April 19, 2009

Green Apples at Bus LRT Station?

The Apple Valley Transit Station, part of the Cedar Avenue Bus Rapid Transit line, is now being built, pace John Kline.

The Strib article says that it's a green building, but how green is space for 750 cars, with only 10 bike lockers?

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April 16, 2009

The Eight Billion Dollar Question

Will the $8 billion in stimulus funds for high speed rail be a down payment on transit infrastructure comparable to "the Interstate Highway System in the 1950s?"

We're supposed to find out which regions will get the cash by the end of the summer. As the article points out, the midwest region, with a Chicago hub and a very hard-hit economy, should be able to make a strong case to be part of the early answer.

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April 13, 2009

High Speed Ohio?

Ohio's jumping on the high speed rail proposal bandwagon

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Seeing the Light (Rail)

See what one successful light rail line and the prospect of federal money for more transit development can do?

Who knew the governor and the Chamber of Commerce would so quickly do an about face and get on board the transit bandwagon?

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April 12, 2009

Northern Light Express Project

RFP for the Northern Lights Passenger Rail Project: hIgh speed rail, Minneapolis to Duluth

Main page of NLX here

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April 3, 2009

Transportation Choices 2020

The Transportation Choices 2020 Initiative Includes eight projects to create a true regional transit system.

Take a look at this map to get a sense of what could be. For $100 million a year.

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April 2, 2009

High-Speed's Political Hurdles

This AP article lays out why, despite Transportation Secretary LaHood's assertion that "developing high-speed rail is the country's No. 1 transportation priority," U.S. bullet trains are unlikely to become reality, even with 8 billion in stimulus money dedicated to them.

Alack, and weyl-a-wey.

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March 26, 2009

Energy Stimulus $$ for Transportation projects?

STrib article today says that Minnesota is getting $37.3 million in stimulus money

to pay state and local governments for energy efficiency and conservation projects.

The article continues:

Among a long list of other things, the funds also can be used on transportation programs that conserve energy...

What might those programs be? Park and ride lots? Bus lanes? Nothing so transitty, it seems. Since "the money is being distributed to 23 cities, 10 counties and six Indian tribes; the state's energy office is getting the biggest chunk of cash, $10.6 million," it won't go toward big, coordinated projects--maybe energy-efficient stoplights in one town, and energy-efficient streetlights in another. Maybe. Maybe not.

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March 24, 2009

Central Corridor Update

The March issue of Metro Transit's monthly news publication, Connect, offers an update on the Central Corridor Project.

Of note:

-Major Construction will begin in 2010, and end in 2014.

-The Minneapolis terminus will be the new station near Target Field, the station that will also be the terminus of the North Star Commuter Rail Line.

-Trains will travel every 7.5 minutes during peak hours. It will take 35 minutes to travel the 11 miles between downtown St. Paul and downtown Minneapolis. (That would take about 15 minutes in a car on I-94--assuming no traffic slowdowns and not counting the time it takes to find a parking place).

Train a-comin.

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March 21, 2009

Biden Promises Money to get Northstar to St. Cloud

Though Senator Klobuchar dials down the expectations.

Dan Erhart, Anoka County Commissioner, wasn't listening to her. Erhart wonders "if there will be another $60 million in federal funding for another main rail line that would run from Interstate 694, in the northern metro area, to a station near Foley Boulevard in Coon Rapids. 'We'd like to connect the whole state by rail,' he said."

With a train-riding Biden on your side, why not think big?

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March 18, 2009

Preliminary Met Council News on Stimulus Projects

Sounds like Minnesota will get $94 million for transit , with $69 million of that for metro area projects.

Half of the transit projects "must be ready for contract letting" within 180 days. Wonder which of these, listed in the article, could be ready in that timeframe:

• Replacement buses for Metro Transit and Metro Mobility
• Additional vehicles for the Hiawatha Line to increase capacity
• Additional vehicles for Northstar Commuter Rail
• New bus garages for bus storage and maintenance
• Park-and-ride expansions
• A bus-only ramp on TH169 and Stagecoach Road

Maybe the first three?

Half of the MN/DoT projects must be ready to let in 120 days. So seven projects have been identified as what I'm calling super shovel-ready: Contracts could be let this spring. While they aren't sexy (upgraded lighting constitutes three of the projects; re-surfacing and replacing median barriers constitute two others) they do improve safety and will start to ciruclate the stimulus money relatively quickly.

This one also sounds somewhat green, for a roads project: "Creating a living snow fence at the Fish Lake interchange in Maple Grove."

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March 17, 2009

Stimulus $ Gives High Speed Rail a Chance

Of course, the sub-title of the Strib's recent high speed rail editorial doesn't exactly build confidence. Rochester makes great sense as part of the route, though as commenter luxaeterna notes, it would complicate things by requiring new track and rights of way, when time is of the essence in the queue for federal money.

The editorial wonders whether the light rail line should beyond St. Paul's Union Depot to Minneapolis. I don't think so--the Central Corridor light rail will facilitate that connection. High Speed Rail's purpose isn't to link downtowns that are what, 10 miles apart?

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March 13, 2009

A Genuine Rail System for the Twin Cities?

"Train me out to the ballgame"....says commenter Marypjb in response to the Strib article about a plan for a $130 million transit complex near the new Twins Stadium, where the Hiawatha and Central Light Rail, will converge with the Northstar commuter line as well as other potential light rail lines and a high speed train to Chicago.

Of course it's much bigger than getting to a ballgame--this is starting to sound like a genuine rail system for the Twin Cities. Long, long overdue.

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March 12, 2009

Public Hearings on Proposed Northstar Line Fares

From the Met Council.

The hearings will be April 8th and 14th.

$8.00 one way, between Big Lake and Minneapolis. So it looks like, if the line ever extends to St. Cloud, it would be about $15.00 one way. Seems a bit steep. Anybody have a sense of how those prices compare with commuter rail fares elsewhere? Would a round trip fare have any discount?

The article also says that the trains will travel at speeds "up to 79 miles per hour." There can't be very many stretches where it would reach that lofty mph--let alone sustain it.

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February 5, 2008


OK--Over 2 years between posts. Maybe a new record in the blogosphere. Might as well return on Super Duper Fat Tuesday.

But this Strib article got me thinking about linking again.

The article references high gas prices and a desire to go green as reasons for the surge in ridership. Probably true, and fine reasons. Surely the bridge collapse and need for alternate routes and means of commuting is playing a role too.

At any rate, welcome aboard, new transit riders. Clearly we need our elected officials to support the demand. And clearly I've got some work to do to update this site. The race is on.

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November 10, 2005

Amtrak's Gunn Fired

Couldn't resist the Gunn pun.

Alert reader and friend Sarah (I honestly didn't think I had any readers left, after months of very intermittent posting. And as for friends....) requests my incisive commentary on the story of the firing of Amtrak President David Gunn.

Incisive? The pressure's on. But here goes:

This seems like scapegoating, and more of the same habit of hurting Amtrak in the name of helping it.

Amtrak has never been adequately funded. Anti-transit types have always wanted it to fail, and the survivalist budget crumbs tossed its way have assured that.

The Bush administration wants to privatize Amtrak. Surprise, surpise. Privatization has worked so well with telecom (isn't Ma Bell being basically reassembled as SBC and Verizon?) and energy (Enron/California/pick your scandal), might as well try it with trains.

Maybe we should privatize the Interstate Highway system. Oh wait--that gets sufficient federal subsidies so that it actually works--in its inefficient, polluting, sprawl-inducing way. Hmmmm. Maybe highway privatization is an idea whose time has come....

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October 7, 2005

Our Transportation System Has No Clothes

Somebody calling himself the Naked Economist has an article that lays bare the underpriced cost of driving in the U.S.. That's right--underpriced, even at $3.00 per gallon.

Don't know about "Congestion-pricing" as the be-all and end-all of traffic jams, however. For instance, replace his hypothetical $14.00 an hour plumbing assistant with a a $5.15 per hour retail worker, and the math for Lexus Lanes isn't as compelling.

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July 18, 2005

Shrink-wrap on Wheels

The Strib explains how to shrink-wrap a bus in blueberries and ipod dancers.

As the article mentions, those ads really do diminish riders' views outisde the train. From inside, the images are a bunch of annoying black dots that make me never want to buy an ipod or blueberries (I'll pick my berries up north, thanks very much). Come to think of it, annoying-black-dots-that-diminish-one's-perspective is an apt metaphor for advertising generally.

One of the ironies in the article:

Tom Black of 3M, which makes the shrink-wrap ads, thinks that "the bus and train wraps have become popular because they get ads out where people can see them from their cars. Said Black: 'People are spending so much more time in their cars.'"

"So much more time in their cars?" Not if they're riding the train--but then they're enveloped within a giant moving tube of vinyl film advertisement. Transit riders become marketing tools for the car-captive crowd, helping sell widgets (and blueberries) to drivers in their cars waiting at train crossings.

As Chaucer's Wife of Bath famously said, "Alle is for to selle."

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June 28, 2005

Car Sharing: Another Blow for the Ownership Society

What will the right wing say? Surely it's un-American not to own a car (it's mostly blue-state types in big cities in the coasts who don't. after all--in part because they live near where they work, because it's expensive [market forces] and because there are real transit options). But what about when entrepeneurs find a way to make money off of it?

HOURCAR is a new option in the Twin Cites for people who don't want (or need) to own a car, but would find one useful now and then.

This sort of thing could spark a wider revolution: instead of every exurban acreage owning a riding mower, a group of neighbors could share one. (OK, that's pretty radical).

This already happens informally with snowblowers in our neighborhood: Most homes don't have enough in the way of sidewalks and driveways to justify an emissions-heavy snowblower, but one or two people per block who do own one (often on a corner lot), and have so have so much fun revving the thing up two or three times per winter that they oftern clear the sidewalk on the whole block.

Sharing, rather than ownership, creates a society.

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June 27, 2005

New High Speed Japanese Train

Japan is serious.

Where's the U.S. leadership in mass transit innovation? (Sorry, Hummers don't count.)

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Oil at $60+

Maybe it's time this country got serious about alternatives to cars.

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June 7, 2005

Just What the US Needs: A Romanian SUV

DuVernois Blog has found it.

Sounds like the only ones interested may be Ceausescu nostalgia-buffs and hunters with a death wish.

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June 1, 2005

Bad News for Gas Guzzlers; Hybrids Looking Better

The AP is reporting that oil prices are back up above $54 per barrel after falling as "low" as $47 per barrel a couple of weeks ago.

A key quote from the article:

"John Kilduff, a senior oil analyst at FImat USA said, '$60 a barrel, which looked highly unlikely just last week, is now once again within the realm of reason.'"

This cuts at least two ways in the stock market, of course. Some investors get spooked by possible inflationary drag on the economy; others (or some of the same ones) turn speculative and hope to profit at the expense of oil consumers.

But it only cuts one way at the pump.

The article closes with the reminder that oil is 24% more pricey than it was a year ago. That would seem to be a trendline.

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May 26, 2005

Fares Go Up--How About a User Fee instead?

As reported in the Strib, the Metropolitan Council, constrained by the governor's veto of transportation bill, voted yesterday to increase fares; in order to balance their budget the Council will also reduce service. Of course, the net result will be a loss of riders. It's a vicious cycle, sprialing downward. This is the second across the board fare increase in four years.

More details from the Strib:

"Legislators meeting in special session may yet include money for transit in a bill that appropriates operating money for the Minnesota Department of Transportation, said Rep. Ron Erhardt, R-Edina, chairman of the House Transportation Committee.

"In the regular session, Erhardt sponsored a transportation bill that he said would have added money for improved roads and expanded transit service -- including enough to avoid service cuts.

"The bill was passed by the House and Senate and vetoed by Gov. Tim Pawlenty because it included a 10-cent gas tax increase, and Pawlenty has taken a vow not to raise taxes."

We know that the vow has already been broken. Maybe the governor would agreee to a user fee on gas to fund roads and transit?

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May 24, 2005

No New User Fees?

Update: I see Jim at Oil is for Sissies was only an hour-and-a-half or so more timely than I in getting around to commenting on the gubernatorial word-play.

It's not news to anyone around these parts that Governor Pawlenty vetoed the transportation bill that would have filled potholes, built roads AND funded transit at an operable level--in the name of having sold his soul to the Taxpayer's League--I mean holding to his No New Taxes pledge. But hey, i've been on hiatus for a week.

And it's not news that he then turned around and proposed a cigarette tax--I mean user fee--though not to fund anything related to smokers, as you'd expect a cigarette user's fee to do.

We deserve much better leadership than accounting gimmicks and word games. How about investing in the state's infrastructure (and K-12 schools, while we're at it)?

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May 15, 2005

No Night Buses on Nicollet Mall

As a summer experiment, according to the Strib:

"Affected routes: 10, 11, 17, 18, 25, 675 and 466, which make 200 bus trips between 6:30 and 11 p.m. and which carry about 3,500 riders. At 11 p.m. the buses will return to Nicollet Mall for late-evening trips from downtown." those routes will run on Hennepin Ave. instead.

All of those riders will instead be moved over to Hennepin Ave. "in an effort to make the downtown Minneapolis mall more pleasant for walking, biking, and outdoor dining."

That will certainly mean less diesel exhaust hanging over the sidewalk cafes. As a trade-off, transit users will have some extra walking to do in extra fumes on the Hennepin Avenue detour.

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April 27, 2005

Memo to Metro Transit

Safety over speed, please. That, and driver training. And careful maintenance.

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April 18, 2005

Chicken and Egg: Transit and Development Density

Like LA, much of Minneapolis developed along streetcar lines (my neighborhood of modest bungalows originated as a working-class, ride-the-trolley place to live). In that "LA Rails" post, Atrios references the necessity of significant population density in order to have a viable urban transit system. But developing the system can help develop the density.

When the Twin Cities' streetcar system was dismantled in the interest of cars, the Twin Cities were stuck in car-mode.

It has taken the Twin Cities 50-some years to start to recover. The new Hiawatha light rail line and impending Northstar commuter rail line are the start of re-building a lost rail transit infrastructure that is already starting to encourage more dense re-development. Early predictions called for "7,150 new housing units" and millions of feet of new retail space along the Hiawatha LRT coridor. I haven't seen any figures, but I have already seen new condo/apartment developments near the 46th St. and 38th St. stations. Also new small-scale retail developments nearby.

If you build it, they will come--if you can get government to make a long-term investment.

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April 8, 2005

Living Green: 10 Transportation Ideas

This Top Ten List doesn't save the best for last:

Item #1 on the list of how to reduce air pollution: Get out of your car and onto your feet/bike/bus/train.

This year's Living Green Expo will happen:
Saturday & Sunday, April 30 & May 1, 2005.
10 a.m. - 5 p.m.
Minnesota State Fair Grounds, Grandstand Building

Admission is free.

More from their Press Release:

The 2005 Living Green Expo will feature over 200 businesses, food organizations, state and local agencies, and environmental groups showcasing environmentally sound products, technologies, information, and practices. You'll find many ideas for how Minnesotans can reduce their environmental impact.

The Expo will also include workshops on everything from how to compost and reduce toxicity in your home to using the latest energy-saving technology and cooking with organic, locally grown food. This family-friendly event features art displays, children's activities, food, and musical entertainment.

Parking is free, secure bike storage is available, and the Expo is accessible by bus.

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April 7, 2005

Twins and Trains--Free Rides

Metro Transit is offering free rides home from the April 10th Twins game

Last summer, when the LRT started up, there would be huge crowds on the Metrodome East platform, waiting for trains after the games.

By the end of the season, they seemd to be doing a better job of having extra trains queued up for the end of the games. Will they have extra buses ready as well?

You'd hope they're planning well for this event.

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April 6, 2005

Duluth-Twin Cities Bus Running

Jefferson Lines has started a daily bus run between Coffman Union and UMD.

This is a good thing. The Minnesota Daily's article about it yesterday suggests a large potential student ridership.

Now imagine a high speed rail line between the two campuses/metro areas.

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April 5, 2005

Speak Up About Transit Cuts

Here's a chance for U of M transit riders to tell Metro Transit how the proposed cuts might affect your ability to get to and from campus.

From the U's Parking and Transportation Services:

"PTS invites you to attend a Metro Transit Fare and Service Proposal information meeting. Metropolitan Council staff will give a presentation on the proposed plan and be available to answer questions afterwards. Here are the details:

NOON  1:30 PM

This meeting is NOT an official public hearing and will not be recorded. Attendees can fill out written comment cards at the informational meeting which will be collected and made part of the public record before the Metropolitan Council as it considers proposed fare increases and service adjustments."

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April 2, 2005

Crude Above $57 a Barrel

And gas is heading for $2.25 a gallon.


This is getting serious folks. Serious profit for the Haliburtons of the world, at least.

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Cars Just Don't Make Economic Sense

According to the AP, there are a lot of car-owners out there who are upside down on their loans. Cars depreciate so fast, and loan terms are getting so long, that more and more cars are worth less at trade-in than their owners are still on the hook for on their loan.

Transit, anyone?

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April 1, 2005

Northstar Route Maps

Here's a map of the entire Northstar Commuter Rail route (only the first 40 miles are at stake in the recent legistative action--St. Cloud will need to wait).

And here's another map showing where the Northstar and Hiawatha lines will meet in downtown Minneapolis.

When this first leg of the line is done, people from Elk River and Anoka won't need a car at all to get to and from work in downtown Minneapolis, to and from the Minneapolis St. Paul airport. or even the Inferno of America.

March 31, 2005

Train a-Comin': Northstar Line gets Funded

The bonding bill that finally emerged from the state capitol includes $37.5 for the Northstar commuter rail line. See the Strib article.

That's $27.5 million more that the anti-transit House had grudgingly put forward in their version of the bill.

We're starting to get a real regional transit system, here. That's good for workers, for jobs, for traffic congestion, and for air quality. But if MetroTransit really has to cut $10 million, it's one step forward and two steps back.

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March 29, 2005

A trus? A brain? April Fool's.

The Skyway News has a funny front page story in their April Fool's issue about the next big thing in transit: LRTT, Light Rail Tranist on Tires. "LRTT cars are not confined to fixed routes, and indeed can run on paved streets already prevalent in the Twin Cities." It includes a fun photo of an LRT car with bus wheels.

There's also the story of a bike courier who discovers the automobile.

Unfortunately, the issue is not up online, so you'll need to grab a hard copy. It's not The Onion, but it has its moments.

It makes me wonder: What sort of April Fool's pranks will UThink bloggers devise?

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March 23, 2005

Proposed Bus Cuts of 10%

According to the Skyway News Metro Transit needs to cut 10% to plug a budget shortfall.

This follows shortly after a big re-organization of (i.e, cuts to) bus lines with the advent of the Hiawatha line, fare increases, and numerous service cuts in the eight years that I've been riding Metro Transit (stops eliminated, longer waits between buses, etc.).

This state needs to make transit a priority, and fund it properly.

[Update: 3:32 pm I left out a crucial piece of markup, which resulted in the follwoing not showing up in my initial attempt at posting this at 10:57 am:]

Tell your elected officals.

Transit riders can comment on the proposed cuts at meetings or as follows (from the article):

E-mail to
Fax to 651-602-1464
Mail to: Regional Data Center, Metropolitan Council, 230 E. 5th St., St. Paul, MN 55101

If your route is being cut, let'em know that it will hurt. They probably won't make all of these cuts, so the squeaky wheel will get any grease they happen to have left.

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Find Local Polluters--and then what?

Check out MPCA's Environmental Data Access Tool, created by the state Legislature in 2001.

Currently, you can use it, among other things, to locate facilities that emit air pollution on a large scale (with the ability to locate smaller offenders and vehicle emissions soon to be added). You can also search for measured outdoor concentrations and emissions data by location.

This means that, if you really want to know who's putting nasty things into the air in your neighborhood, you can find out.

A quick search turned up eight firms in Minneapolis in the category of Industrial Machinery and Equipment

One firm for example emitted 6.3 tons of volatile organic compunds in 2003. And it's ranked only 457th in that category in MN. Scary. Another, which makes pumps and pumping equipment. put out more than 14.5 tons of particulate and particulate matter of <10 microns into the air, though only .01 tons of sulfur dioxide that same year.

Meanwhile, a less obvious suspect for air pollution, Abbot Northwestern Hospital, released 67.3 tons of sulfur dioxide in 2003, giving it a ranking of 56th.

Scary. But potentially empowering. We're paying for this all of this data, so we should make use of it. Besides publicizing it, what are some good ways?

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Air Pollution Reports

See an MPCA News releasefor information on two reports about Minnesota's air quality.

There are some good things happening: Metro Transit is trying to buy low-sulfur diesel; also something called the Metropolitan Emissions Reduction Project will (over several years, of course) reduce sulfur and nitorgen dioxides from three metro power plants.

But also according to the news release:

"The reports are timely. Minnesota's recent air alert beginning on January 29th, lasted six days and was the most severe alert since the MPCA began monitoring fine particle pollution in 1999. AQI levels were above 150 (unhealthy for all groups) for fine particles on three days.

Fine particles from the combustion of fossil fuels have emerged as a major health concern. They are associated with increased hospitalizations and deaths due to respiratory and heart disease and can worsen the symptoms of asthma. Ozone (smog) is the other pollutant that activates air alerts. It is linked to respiratory problems including asthma attacks."

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March 11, 2005

Oil to $60 a Barrel Sooner Rather than Later?

It could be.

Will Hummers and Hummer-wanna-be's be parked more than driven then? I suppose not. If you've got the 40K or whatever those things sell for, you've surely got the liquidity to keep the pricey liquid in the fuel tank. Or not.

If you're in over your head on a vanity vehicle purchase, don't count on using personal bankruptcy to bail yourself out--or even if you're in over your head because of catastrophic medical bills.

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March 7, 2005

There's a Railroad Club at the U

Look it over here

These guys are into trains in a big way.


They have models.

See their section on the Hiawatha Line

And who knew that there was such a thing as "railfanning"--or so many places to practice it locally?

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March 4, 2005

Got Gas?


Oil prices have been in the mid-$50's per barrel recently. Soon enough, drivers will really feel the pinch.

A key 'graph from the AP article:

"But for many drivers, it soon will be difficult to find any gas stations across America selling regular unleaded for less than $2 a gallon, analysts said. That's because gasoline prices on futures markets have soared 20 percent in the past week alone," says Brad Foss, The AP Business writer.

And the effect could reverberate throughout the global economy: "I believe oil prices and the economy are on a collision course and that it's only a matter of time" according to one petroleum market analyst quoted in the story.

But who needs transit options?

More and more people, at $2+ per gallon.

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March 3, 2005

There's Been A Study


Little did I know when I posted on Feb.11th, wistfully advocating for high-speed rail lines to Rochester and Duluth, that there had already been a MNDOT-commisioned feasibility study from Jan. 2003 on the possiblity. The study concluded that there is "clearly a prima facie case for the development of a multi-modal corridor that would connect the Twin Cities and the city of Rochester by high-speed rail."

Such a line between Duluth and the Twin Cities has not, apparently, been studied.

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February 25, 2005

Bad Air Days--redux


(Image from the MPCA Haze Cam, downtown St. Paul )

Come on everybody: walk, bike, or take transit instead of driving.
It's starting to feel like I'm living in LA.

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January 21, 2005

Snow means...'s another good day not to be driving.

It doesn't look like too much fun on I-94 near HuronBoulevard:


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