April 23, 2009

Dinner and drinks

Waiting for the 3 near Dinkytown:

Cell Phone Guy: "Jim? Dave here. I'm on my way to Bloomington. Hey, I was just a Class A co-dependent enabler. Eddy just had dinner on my dime at McDonalds. But then I saw him in the liquor store. Said he'll be sleeping under the bridge."


Cell Phone Guy: "It won't happen again."


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March 26, 2009

Text you later

On the Hiawatha line tonight:

Cell phone woman: I'll text you later--


Cell phone woman: [laughs] That's how I roll.


Cell phone woman: From the mall. I might not buy anything. Text you later.

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March 16, 2009

What The Recession Sounds Like

While I was walking home (beginning the seasonal transition from mass transit to personal transit), a fifty-something woman stepped out of the front door of a modest house, talking on her cell:

Woman: ...I was just feeling like I was at the peak of my career...


Woman: Yes, I think so. And it makes me second guess a lot of them....

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March 13, 2009

Definitely Not Madoff

Woman on her cell, waiting for the 24:

"He's out now. Has to stay in the house for 21 days."


"I told him not to get down on himself about it. Gotta go. Bus is comin'."

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October 27, 2005

Role Reversal

[Young woman behind me near Northrop Mall begins to talk on her phone:]

"Hello? Dad?"
[short pause]

"Finally. I've been trying to get you for days. Where have you been?"
[longer pause]

"Well yes, you are now, but where were you?"
[short pause]

"I was really worried. Don't do that again."
[I turn off to enter a building as she moves out of range]

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