March 14, 2009

Who's Doing What? p.m. edition

On the 5 pm light rail out of downtown yesterday (Friday), I decided to count who was doing what in my half of car #1. Out of 36 people, there were:

2 on their cellphones
2 reading newspapers
5 listening to iPods or other music players
5 reading books

At least in this rail car, the death of the book is not in evidence. And newspapers--in a metro area where one of the two major newspapers is predicted to be gone by the end of the year--are still breathing, if barely. I'd guess there are usually a couple more people talking on their phones, but maybe not. Maybe I tend to notice them because they're audible.

There were also:

1 guy counting what other people were doing, jotting notes for his blog post
1 other guy looking bemusedly at the guy counting and jotting notes.

Posted by tgus at 8:23 AM