December 6, 2005

Last Blogging!!!

Hey Yang,

I bet you had a lot of fun on your thanksgiving break because you said you did a lot of things that week. So, you went to the Hmong New Year...? hmmm..? What days were those? I only went on Sunday to the Rivercentre and to the Metrodrome I might be going about two days. I was wondering how you think this blog thing have helped you and your understanding of college life and did you like it?? I think this blogging was helpful while writing my essay because I got some information from you and I thank you. Fall semester for college is almost over so I think we will not be using this anymore like bloging. So, if you want to know more about me or have anymore questions about college or anything. Here's my U of M email: and here's my private email: ....OKAY TTYL(talk to you later)...


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November 29, 2005

Thanksgiving Break.....

Hey Yang,

During my Thanksgiving break, I did a lot of things that was exciting. First of all, I went to my relatives house and eat turkey. I think I gained about 5 lbs or more after that…After eating turkey at my cousins house me and my cousins we left to a party or actually the club. The next day, I went to the Hmong New Year at the river centre in St. Paul to walk around and meet old friends and cousins. I stayed there for about 3 hours and I came back home. That was what I pretty much did on my Thanksgiving break. How was yours Yang? Did you do anything exciting?


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November 18, 2005

Response to Yang #3


Wassup? How are you? For thanksgiving I will probably go to a party or probably go to the Hmong New Years. What about you are you going? That's good that you want to be a teacher after high school. Its good to have something to think about before going to college. What kind of games do you play on the computer? And is tiring, but yeah its school. You know whats so cool about college. You could pick your own classes to take and at what time...well talk to you laterz.


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November 15, 2005

Response to Yang #2

Wassup Yang,

I didn't see your response until now. About my day at home it is very tiring and stressful because of college life I guess. It could be fun and it could be challenging. My dad at school was long because I had class at 8:00am til 5:15pm. Whew... long huh? Well I'm doing good. That's good that you like math and that you are good at it. Just do your best and you'll fulfill your dreams. So, hows school and everything?

Talk to you laterz,


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November 8, 2005


Hmm...teachers?? There were one teacher in my high school year that was good and that I had a lot of respect for. His name was Perry Juenemann. Mr. Juenemann was my U.S. History teacher for Patrick Henry High School and also I was his T/A for senior year. I knew him pretty well about a good 2 years. He was a teacher that treated everyone in the school equally and that he cares about every single student. Whenever I needed help he will always try his best to help me out. It wasn't always school issues, but other issues too. I don't know, but whenever I am around him I could talk to him about almost anything that's in my head. I guess that was the reason I had a lot respect for him because I knew him pretty good. I think teachers should treat their students like their friends that they hang out with because you'll get to know them better and you could motivate them to come to school.

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November 1, 2005

Response to Yang

Hey Yang,

The U of M is pretty cool and its fun. I think its better than high school. How's grade school and what else do you do for fun? What's your favorite subjects in school and what things are you really learning? In college my favorite subjects are math and biology. Do you live in north minneapolis or somewhere else? How's your life at home, is it bothering your learning? You should come to the U of M when you graduate from high school because it's fun and everyone here is nice.

-Yengfong Thao

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October 28, 2005

What memories do our reading/discussion bring up for you?

Discussion this week about North Minneapolis made me remember the bad side of it. I thought there weren't any thing bad about it, but now if you really think about it there are bad things happening in North Minneapolis neighborhoods. I remember that me and my friends got shot up by some people we don't even no who. They probably got the wrong people because I don't have anything against anyone and they just drove by us and shot us like 5-6 times. I guess when I said there wasn't anything that was bad about it there are. I guess I am just so used to the bad things that happens made me realized that the northside is a okay place because there are a lot of drivebys and you could hear gun shotting and people screaming at night. That is bad....

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October 26, 2005

Questions on class this week/Understanding/Would like to know more

After our classes this week, I don't have many questions that I have. I have only a couple and they are just some questions we went over, but is still kind of confusing. Like the paraphrases and citing sources we are using. Overall, I am getting used to using citations and I understand it more now. Even though, I know more about it now, I think we should learn more about it anyways for future writings or projects. I am not even sure if I am doing my citations right on my paper Lincoln and me. I think when citing you should cite all statistics and information that you use from a outside source.

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October 21, 2005

Questions for Lincoln students

Hey Lincoln students,

My name is Yengfong Thao and I am from Fresno, California. I am 17 years old and is a freshman in the U of M. I am majoring in Biology, so that I can be a doctor. What I do for fun is go to the movies with friends and hanging out with them.
In my basic writing class we are going to compare your school with our school that we used to go to, so if you don't mind I'll like to ask you some questions. First of all, can I get your name and what grade you're in.
Then, how is the environment around Lincoln, are you learning anything in Lincoln, and what do you do for fun at home?

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