Structure: Rapist Gets 16+ Years in Prison for 2001 Assault

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The reporter began the story with the most important facts. The first six paragraphs described the main points of the case, informing the reader of the basic who, what, when, where and why.

After these first paragraphs of basic information--the inverted pyramid structure--the writer described the story in more detail. However, it was not told chronologically, because the story included two different cases involving the same man, both occurring during different times. Thus, the reporter chose to write in a "kabob" style rather than a "martini glass" format. The reporter incorporated various aspects of the news story by clustering several pieces of information together. Thus, the whole story could be told without confusing the reader and without focusing on only one event.

The writer could have structured the story in the martini glass style by solely focusing on the chronology of the 2001 case. Also, she could have written in the inverted pyramid style and refrained from giving much detail. That way the reader gets the basic summary of the most important information rather than all the details found in a martini glass or kabob style. 

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Nice analysis. I can see you really working here. GG

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