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The Sun Sets on

In the wake of layoffs, Yahoo has decided to discontinue the social bookmark service The San Francisco Chronicle reports that the news was leaked via Twitter (of course) when a Yahoo employee posted an image of an internal presentation. TechRadar has suggestions for alternatives, some available free of charge, others for a fee. At least a few people have suggested that Yahoo make Delicious open source so others can continue to maintain it.

One on hand, the end of Delicious is a reminder that one risk of using proprietary technologies: sometimes they go away, and with short notice. On the other hand, I wonder to what extent people use social bookmarking, especially in education, and especially socially. Any thoughts?

Update: Yahoo plans on selling Delicious instead of shutting it down.

Scott McLeod, director of UCEA Center for the Advanced Study of Technology Leadership in Education (CASTLE) at Iowa State, offers ten ways to get serious about educational technology.

I like two ideas in particular: showing students how to manage privacy settings on Facebook (and other social network sites) and addressing the digital divide. Taking on those issues is be a learning advocate rather than a technology advocate. In my view, the learning advocate takes seriously both learning with and learning about technology.

What are your ideas for taking educational technology seriously?