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Academic Honesty Online

"How can you be sure your [online] students aren't cheating?" Michelle Everson, Department of Educational Psychology, a current Faculty Fellow, and a regular contributor to ELearn Magazine, responds to this question in "Academic Honesty and the Online Environment.". One option might be to more closely monitor students when they take exams, but Everson decided to formulate a different set of strategies instead. As you'll see when you read the article, Everson prevents cheating by engaging her students in their learning and with the concept of academic honesty. Another article in this issue of ELearn, Dorothy Mikuska's "Promoting Information Processing and Ethical Use of Information for Online Learning," offers similar solutions for preventing plagiarism. Through student-centered learning and active engagement, both Everson and Mikuska support rather than enforce academic honesty.

(I learned about this article via the Digital Campus Facebook feed, an excellent source of news on education and technology.)

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