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It's Spring, and Mobiles are In the Air

The topic for tomorrow's 20 by 20: An OIT Pecha Kucha Event is mobiles. As it turns out, this is a timely topic. Designated as a technology to watch in the 2011 Horizon Report, mobile technology is the focus in the latest Educause Review. In his contribution to that issue, Mobile Literacy, David Parry identifies three "literacies" we ought to teach students (and perhaps everyone else): 1) understanding information access, i.e., not only how to find relevant information, but also how to use and evaluate it. 2) understanding hyperconnectivity, i.e., how to use mobile devices to "engage in hypermediated experience" without being distracted from "directing full attention the event." 3) understanding a new sense of space, i.e., "the massive amounts of data that we are going to be layering on top the physical world and that will substantially alter how we can interact with space." This short article lays out substantial challenges with exciting possibilities.

Mobiles have been a topic of conversation within OIT's faculty development team. We talk about the potential of mobiles in higher education, and of course how we might help faculty, staff and students prepare to use mobiles in teaching, research and work at the University of Minnesota. I asked educational technology consultants to share their thoughts, which will appear in subsequent posts.

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