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New Project at Ghost

So I've started a new project with Ghost productions working on a new animation for a client. The project is to create an animation to show how an instrument is used to correct a deficient mitral valve in the human heart.

The guys at Ghost whipped up an animation last year for this same client on an earlier version of this tool, and I'm going to be working them to match the style but create something brand new. I've been provided with existing models from the old scene to work with, along with a lot of technical schematics on how the tool should theoretically work and a video of someone actually performing the surgery. I'm gonna post some screenshots of the some of the resources I have.

What I'm hoping to learn from this is mainly how to pickup and duplicate a pre-existing style and turn around and crank out an animation that looks as thought it was done by the original author. I'll have to pick some brains of the staff to understand how and why their style looks the way it does. I expect I will have to work very closely with compositors at ghost, since all the timing, animation, camera work and lights will be made from scratch. This will be great for me, both in learning how to to composite, and how to produce work that compositors can easily use. I'm also going to get a taste of working more closely with clients and their changing demands, since I'll be the chief person designing this animation.

Anyhoo, here's some screenshots to get me started,
they are some crude solidworks sketches of how the tool fits, Ghost's old animation of the previous tool, and some actual shots of the surgery taking place: