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The organization of art

It's only fair to give some credit to the headaches that doing 3d creates. It is the biggest downfall of the medium, that is, the ridiculous technical complexities we have to battle to get things to work they way we want. Linking objects together through the heirarchy of the scene has been one of the biggest problems to deal with in this particular scene I'm doing. Just 1 object has so many inputs and outputs it starts to jar my mind. Half of my problems sound something like this.. how do I rotate the end cup of a tool to match a lifting heart without rotating the tool, yet match the beating of a heart and follow a wire pulling on it. My head usually explodes halfway through that, but the key thing for me to learn is how ot organize my scene to work both for me and someone who may open and edit the scene later.

The first image shows the heirarchy of just the objects the scene I'm working on. It doesn't look too bad, but it's still a pain to sift through. The second shows some of the connections I've created for just a single object. The third image is where the insanity comes in. It's the same view as the second image, only containing every single object in the scene and zoomed out about twenty times. Every single line controls another attribute in the scene, and represents everything I did when building the animation. To give a better idea of the headache this can cause, this is actually only a 10th of the entire network. If I zoomed out any further, the lines would just become solid blocks of color.

Now the last image is something I've developed at ghost, that is, organizing my my entire scene in Maya's outliner window so the everything is much more user friendly and manageable. This will save me a lot of trouble when I'm trying to find a specific object or connection, and will hopefully be much easier for someone else to use if they wish to edit my scene in the future.