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What's behind an image

One of the biggest things I've been learning from Ghost is how to composite. I've been having to learn how to build frames for compositors, so they can easily stich together animations. Now I got to do some comping myself.

Here's an image I built and deconstructed so you can see what goes into each frame, along with the final composite. For some scenes, it becomes quite a bit intenser when extra effects and transitions are stacking on top of each other.

What you're looking at it in the image, from top to bottom are as follows:
The first 3 top images are layers of the background. The first is the basic background pattern, while the other two are animated images laid over the top to give a slight sense of a liquid moving background.
The next image is a glass see-thru heart next to it's alpha layers. These alpha layers are black and white images used to mask off certain areas of each source image, so that each layer only shows up where its alpha is darkest.
The bottom image is our main heart, again with it's alpha as well.
The final image is an occlusion pass, used to find areas where objects cast shadows upon themselves.