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Developing techniques

I had this particular part in the animatin where a probe scanned the inside of the heart to find specific areas inside the heart for an instrument to align to. In the footage provided by the clients, they had some ultrasound scans of what the instrument looked liked. I thought it would give someone a little bit better understanding of the procedure if we could see what the scanner would see while we're moving it around on the outside of the heart.

Well, no one at ghost ever did this before so I had to come up with a new technique to show this. The scanner itself only scans a 1 inch slice of the heart, showing all the muscles and chambers, and it has this noisy grain quality to it. So, what I ended up doing was attaching a camera to the scanner instrument and limited how much it could actually see. I told the camera not to show anything farther than 5" away, but nothing closer than 4". What I got was a perfect slice of the heart that moved precisely with the scanner. From there, I desatured the image to a black and white picture, blurred it, overblew the contrast, used some animated noise, and finally cropped it into the triangle shape. The client was happy with the results and I learned something new.