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Interpreting Revisions

So I sent off a preliminary animation and received feedback from the clients. Wow. I've heard from other Ghost Productions staff that giving a client exactly what they want is far more difficult than anything else we do. It took me a good couple hours just to translate what the client meant into actual changes. Regardless, whatever the client wants is what the client gets, so the best thing I've learned to do is constantly show them changes and see if any of them are in a direction they like. Most of these changes though were technical parts of the procedure that were left out of the orignal instructions or changed since the client is still developing the product as I speak.

They told me one story of a client who requested more "WOW". After pumping out dozens of images to the client, they kept getting a request for simply more WOW". Someone finally gave in and wrote the words "WOW" right across the screen, and I guess it made the client happy.