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December 14, 2007

Last week at Ghost

Since my main project was finished, Ghost had me help one of the other animators who was overloaded with work. They just replaced their human model with a much more detailed and better rigged model, and had to redo the animation in a scene with the newer model. They let me take a crack at it and below is the link to a playblast of the new animation.


December 7, 2007

Final Composite

It's finally finished. I spent most of my time watching frames render, then going back and finding tiny little errors, adjusting and re-rendering. All together, with all the layers, the animation had a total of over 11,000 separate frames. One of the other animators there helped me composite it together while I was render-wrangling. We finished it off, sent it out and got initial approval. The clients still have to pass it by their execs, and if they approve, it's all finished.

Here's some screenshots of the final version. For copyright reasons I can't post the actual video, but if I get permission I can probably show it in person.

December 1, 2007

Last minute Models

The project looks like it's getting close to done. All the positions and textures have been approved, but I got a last minute change of the rib spreader tool. The model we have on hand looks nothing like theirs so we went through a couple different versions until they provided us with reference of the actual spreader.

One of the other animators there modeled it for me, so when I got in, the new spreader was all ready for me to stick in the scene, size and animate.