Flax and Cholesterol


Flax and Cholesterol

Cholesterol is one of the major keywords that is used in health in most of America and the rest of the world. Cholesterol is known to be both bad and good, but the bad one is the one responsible for the serious health conditions that exist and causing havoc on people's body. There are many different ways to combat the bad cholesterol; mainly through the use of healthy supplements. This article will look at the use of flax seed oil and its relationship with cholesterol. It will find out what benefits are available to people who take this product.

Does cholesterol help to reduce cholesterol? This is a multifold question, but essentially it boils down to yes. The main reason it is able to do this is based on the various properties that make up the oil. Flax seed oil is made up of different nutrients that is all essential and provides various benefits for the lowering of the cholesterol levels in the blood. The main nutrient in the oil is called alpha linolenic acid. This acid is one of the omega 3 fatty acids and it is essentially the same that is found in fatty fish such as salmon. Health wise omega3 fatty acids are known to greatly reduce triglycerides while at the same time increasing HDL cholesterol.

Aside from having alpha linolenic acid, the flax seed oil is also made up of lingams and fiber. The lingams that exist in the oil are one of nature's natural defenses against cardiovascular disease and high cholesterol. It is also known that generally fiber is good at reducing the levels of LDL cholesterol in the body.

Flax seed oil is very effective at reducing bad cholesterol and this is due to it having high fiber content, while at the same time having omega3 fatty acid. LDL cholesterol is the bad kind and this is known to wreak havoc in the body. It is also aids in heart disease and other cardiovascular issues. HDL cholesterol is the good kind and actually helps the arteries of the body. By taking flax seed oil you can reduce LDL cholesterol while increasing the HDL.

In closing it is very good to take flax seed oil to reduce your cholesterol. There are many different benefits that can be gained, but having less cholesterol is overall good for the body. Flax seed oil is able to accomplish this because of the content of what is included in the oil. Various nutrients are the basis for the health benefits that the oil provides.

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