How to Begin Healthy Living

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Habits for Healthy Living

1. Of course, we all know how important healthy eating is. It just can't be stressed enough.
Eat your food as close to where it is grown. Check out local farmer's markets -they are such fun places to connect with local farmers and often times you can find incredible $deals!
Eat more fresh fruits and vegetables everyday, not only do you get better nutrition, but you save heaps of water, oil, and all the things that go into processing and transporting processed food.
Find healthy foods that make you feel better and heal your body from the stress and damage of life.
2. Get moving.
Too busy to get exercise? Sometimes it's difficult to see that if we don't FORCE ourselves to take time to exercise, that eventually we take time away from ourselves later because of tiredness, weakness, stress injuries, and other physical injuries due to inactivity.

3. Think positive
When you see the world in a positive way, often times things work out better for you. It's absolutely proven that thinking positive thoughts can create a positive reality.
At the very least, it helps minimize or prevent depression (which can be debilitating for some). Meditate on whatever is good, pure, beautiful, excellent.

4. Dream
When you dream, you allow yourself to have hope. Dreaming gives you passion (or as I prefer to say, ganas) for life. You can do anything you set your mind to ~you may have to adapt, change and be flexible along the journey to your dreams, but if you believe in yourself and dream it, ANYthing is possible.

5. Set Goals
In order to accomplish what you want to, you will be much more effective and focused if you set goals. Goal setting helps you clarify where you are going and how you will get there.

How to Live Healthy
1. Start by identifying unhealthy patterns and behaviors. Make a list of both healthy and unhealthy things that you do.

2. Attack 1 unhealthy area at a time and make a list of why you want to change. Hang the list up in an area that you can see.

3. Start by minimizing (notice I didn't say to completely stop) these unhealthy patterns and behaviors. Find small ways you can start to change.
Often times when we jump in too fast or too deep and try to make change too quickly, it is not sustainable; so, I say, cut yourself some slack and allow yourself to slowly adjust to new behaviors.

4. Find a friend who is already doing what you want to do -or someone who is determined to make the same changes. Talk with them, spend time with them, learn from them -it is surprising how much impact the people around us can effect when we allow them.

5. Give your self time to change. Often times, we have formed bad habits because of complicated reasons -try to discover what they are and then work with those individually. It may take 21 days to break a bad habit, but it needs to be replaced with a good habit that makes sense to our subconscious and that works for our everyday life!

Ex: If I am constantly snacking on sugary foods and don't realize that my body is thirsty and/or lacking certain nutrients that I should be finding in raw fruits, veggies, and whole grains then I am not going to take the time to figure out what my body really craves and needs and when I am tired and unfocused, I will likely slip back into a mode of eating sugary food.

Healthy Living is an everyday, simple, and beautiful thing. It is slow and steady process -sometimes you succeed and other times you fail -but you are always learning, growing and moving. That is what matters.

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