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Denver man rips had off of a live duck in St. Paul hotel

A Denver man staying at the Embassy Suites in St. Paul ripped the head off of a live duck because he said he was hungry. The hotel keeps a pond of eight live ducks. A security gaurd witnessed it and the man is facing a felony charge for animal cruelty. The security guard said that the man had obviously consumed a lot of alcohol. The Star Tribune covered the story and gave a more in depth version. However, it did not seem too long, it gave good details about the man, the hotel, the ducks, and the action that took place. The article had a duck visual (a live duck with a head). The Pioneer Press covered the story as well but gave only the most important and fast details. Their version was for the person looking for instant news and not the little details like the mans name, his jail time and the $5,000 he may have to pay.