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New school brings hope to those wishing for a brighter future

There is a private high school in South Minneapolis that is specifically for disadvantaged teens who seek a better future. It is funded by Bill Gates, some large corporations, and surrounding businesses of the area. The school called Cristo Rey Jesuit High School has very high standards with classes starting at 8 a.m. and ending at 4p.m., along with after school activities until 6:30 p.m., and the required one work day a week to help fund their school. The regular classes seem intense and the school also requires etiquette lessons, drug tests, business casual dress, and regular lessons on how to fill out paper work. The school doesn't throw a certain religion in the students face and the school is made up of 60% hispanic, 35% black, and the other 5% coming from other racial backgrounds. The majority of the students come from the Phillips neighborhood and they come from either low to middle class or below the poverty level. The school has a rigorous screening and application process so the students going through the program really get the most out of it. The school has a 90% graduation rate which is much higher than the neighboring schools. The students enrolled seem very mature and motivated to make the desision to positively change their future in such a rigorous way.