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Suspect arrested Friday in connection with light rail rape

A 20-year-old man was arrested in the connection with the abduction, rape, and robbery of a woman on October 4th. At a round 2 a.m. that morning a 44-year-old woman was waiting on the 38th street platform after meeting with friends. The man approached her, put a gun to her back and forced her into a nearby laundry facility where he brutally beat and raped her. She was able to make her way to a nearby friend’s house where she was taken to a hospital and treated. She remembered a lot of details and the light rail had security cameras which also helped the police in finding the suspect. Authorities believe that he will be charged for first-degree criminal sexual conduct, kidnapping and aggravated robbery. Kare 11 News covered the story but their sources said he was 28-years-old. The story was very brief and left out more details than the Star Tribune. The Star Tribune gave more details about the woman involved and how the rape was a random person instead of an acquaintance which is usually the case in rapes. They had an expert source on rapes in the Twin Cities and many statistics. I thought that their piece was more interesting without being too long.