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E. coli contamination in foods has risen

The number of E. coli contaminations in food has risen since 2004. The Star Tribune had a story about the recent outbreaks and some theories about the increase since 2004. They used numbers in their article, like “falling from a high of 225 people infected in 1996 to 110 in 2004� instead of the percent decrease from those years. I believe that the way they worded that was the most understandable. The Pioneer Press covered a the story in a similar way. It also used numbers in an easily understandable way. They used phrases like, “nine of the 19 beef recalls� instead of almost half of the recalls. I thought that it was another good way to use numbers in an understandable and logical way.
I thought that both of the articles did a good job using numbers, inspecting the story and finding good sources and theories for the incidents.