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French Suburbs are in Chaos

Sunday night in the French suburb of VILLIERS-LE-BEL, two teenagers were killed in a bike accident with a police vehicle which started a riot between the youth of the area. Twenty-one police officers were injured, 15 cars were torched and several fires started due to the chaos. The riot unveiled many parrallels to the 2005 riot. CNN covered the story in an informative yet brief way. However, BBC covered the story as well and had much more information inlcuding a riot also in a neighboring suburb of Arnouville. They also had more information about the accident and how the police are being accused of not helping the boys in the accident and leaving them to die. Relations between police and young people on French suburbs historically has never been good but since the 2005 riot it has been even worse. I thought that the information that BBC had was very important to the story and I found it odd that CNN didn't include the inforamation. Also, the teenage boys were driving a motorcylce and not a bike, which I thought CNN had said. It could have been a problem of translation.