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Hate Crimes increased by nearly 8 percent in 2006

There were 7,722 recorded hate crimes in the United States this year up from 7,163 recorded incidents in 2005.
CNN covered the story from the Associated Press. The article used numbers but also talked a lot about how certain instances were not included which could sway the results. They also focused on some hate crimes that occured in a Louissiana highschool and past lynchings. I thought that the article was well supported and interesting.
USA Today covered a similar story but used a lot of numbers. Just about every sentence contained percentages in the beginning of the article which made it hard to follow. But having so many percentages for different groups of people or types of crimes made it confusing. Towards the end of the article I though it cleared some things up, but I believe many people would have lost interest by that time.
Overall, I thought that the CNN article used numbers in a better way.