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December 10, 2007

Special Education Programs

There was a public hearing on December 3rd about a new change to Minnesota's special educations programs because "changes are necessary to satisfy new federal legislation under the Individuals with Disabilities Education Act" according to Minnesota Public Radio. The Star Tribune featured a story about a new charter school that is going to be opening the fall of 2008 for autistic student from sixth to tenth grade. It was interesting that the two different news outlets had information about two slightly different things but both were about special education programs and how there is a need for reform. Many autistic students are placed in the special education program with other students with different needs. Autistic kids need a quiet place to learn with less stimulation.

Migrants drown off of Turkish Coast

At least 48 people died when a the boat they were traveling in sank. BBC and CNN have very different information about the deaths and the reason for the sinking ship. BBC said it was because the ship was over crowded and CCN said it was because of bad weather. Each of their figures were different for how many people were on the ship at the time and how many died. Both sites did say that there were six survivors that are being treated.

Police Seek Link Between Two Colorado Shootings

Colorado police are investigating two deadly shootings at Christian religious facilities about 65 miles apart and 12 hours. The Star Tribune featured a story from the Associated Press which provided the most important details. Including quotes from the police chief and the governor. |

University Prof is Awarded Noble Prize

University of Minnesota Prof. Emeritus Leonid Hurwicz receives his Nobel Prize in Economics. The Star Tribune briefly covered the story as well as Minnesota Public Radio. Both stories were brief but MPR included the specific title for the work that he did to get the award which is called the mechanism design theory. The Star Tribune just explained what it did instead.

December 2, 2007

Putin's Party has the Majority

With about 80 percent of the votes counted, Russian president, Putin's United Russia party leads with 63 percent of the votes. Communist Party leader Gennady Zyuganov thinks controversially about the outcome, saying that they question the results and will count themselves as well. With this landslide Putin, even after his presidency could have a very powerful role in the government such as becoming prime minister. CNN and BBC covered the story in very similar ways. Giving both sides of the story in detail. The articles were very detailed and gave a good idea of what Russian government will be looking like in the future. However, for those looking for instant news, I thought the articles were a little lengthy. However, with a story like this one, it would be somewhat confusing to be more brief. The type of people reading this story also would like a complete one.

Senators Sex Scams

Sen. Craig of Idaho was 4 or is it 5 new allegations from men saying that they had sex or that the Senator made inappropriate movements to them. USA Today reported 5 men (one not releasing his name) and CNN reported four men. Both stories brought up sen. Craig's arrest last June due to a sex "sting" at the Minneapolis airport. The senator proclaims that he is not gay or bisexual.

Let It Snow!

The Pioneer Press and the Star Tribune covered detailed stories about the snow storm on Saturday. They both covered information on snow fall, airplane delays, and the Grand Meander event. Both stories were very similar however, I thought that the Pioneer Press's article was easier to read because it looked smaller. It may be smaller or it could be the layout. The layout made it easier to get through because of the single spaced lines. The Star Tribune's article would be easier to read for those with poor eyesight. However, overall the stories were almost identical except for some fact differences. (7.5 inches of snow rather than 8)

Hastings worker killed in an explosion

Nicholas Gunter, 29 was found dead Sunday at the Marathon Petroleum Co. site in St. Paul Park where he worked. An explosion went off at about 8:30 a.m. and was put out at 9:30. Gunter was unaccounted for, so a search went out for him. He was found dead at the 10,000-barrel tank, which had caught fire. The Star Tribune covered the story and I it had a lot more details than the Pioneer Press. They included his name and how long he had been working for the company. I was surprised that the Star Tribune had so much extra information because the articles both came out on Sunday. However, the Star Tribune's version was last updated 9 hours later.