The City : The Built World Meets a Region

by Colin Oglesbay

University of Minnesota

Does a building have the power to change a region? Throughout history great, and even terrible, architecture has shaped cities, fueled agendas and left everyday onlookers saying - "I don't get it." In the spring of 2005 the Walker Art Center will test the social, climatic and structural limits with the opening of its newly expanded 17-acre campus. The design is lead by a team of international superstars brought from across the pond, famous for pushing the limits of building as urban art. Th e end result is an aggressive hyper-urbanist building and garden which aims to reanimate a complex neighborhood severed by winter weather and poor highway planning. The addition is an effort to bring the Walker out of its modernist shell and further a mission of bringing innovative visual, performing and media arts to the public - regionally and globally.

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