The Park: Exploring the New Sculpture Garden

The Minneapolis park network is not a new idea. H.W.S. Cleveland, the foremost leader
in the development of the extensive Minneapolis Park System in the late 1800's, conceived of a continuous park corridor connecting the varied natural resources of the city: the Mississippi River, lakes and downtown park space. Today, the Grand Rounds system forms a fifty-mile National Scenic Byway encircling downtown Minneapolis, connecting parks via green parkways and offering recreational opportunities along the way. A key feature of the Grand Rounds is the Chain of Lakes District, which sits adjacent to the Walker Art Center. Cleveland's vision of a continuous opening in the urban fabric was nearly realized, with the Walker as the missing synapse. Extending the sculpture garden to connect with the Chain of Lakes, Desvigne's plan will physically connect downtown to the Grand Rounds.

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The Park.png
The Walker Sculpture Garden, Minneapolis

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