September 21, 2010

Lucy's birthday bash

Since Lucy doesn't know the difference, we celebrated her birthday a few days late.

Really? I get to eat birthday cake?

Well come on, now! Where is this cake?


I'm a little nervous, but I guess this is as good a place as any to start.

I'll probably need to eat a little more to make an informed decision about the quality of this cake.

Oh. My. Gosh. I have ingested more sugar in the last minute than I have in my entire life.

But I'm going back for more!

Whew, thanks for cutting into that cake for me, Mom. It was taking me way too long to eat it using only my right hand.

I wonder if they will let me eat the entire thing?

Er, that's probably enough, Lucy.

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September 9, 2010

Happy Birthday, Lucy!

We plan to introduce her to cake this weekend.
lucy birthday2.jpg

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September 3, 2010

First Day of Kindergarten!

I was a little nervous about my first day of school.

Still nervous, even after getting to ride the tandem with Dad over to my new school. Don't worry, I think I'll like being in Kindergarten once I get used to it.

After Dad dropped me off, he took Oliver for a spin.

Lucy and her hair stayed home.

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Catching Up

We'd like to apologize to all of our fans (er, relatives) for neglecting the blog this summer. We have been very busy! The following photo montage is just a wee sampling of what we have been doing for the past few months.

Yep, Dad figured out a way to turn the tandem into a triplet of sorts. Lucy is finally big enough to ride in the bike trailer, so sometimes we haul her and make the thing a quad. It's quite a contraption.Dad needs to figure out a way to get one more set of pedals on the bike to keep us from fighting over who gets to pedal.

Lucy also enjoys riding in this box from IKEA.

The faster the better!

This is what Oliver would look like if he was a cat. Nice cat eyebrows, huh?

Just in case the last photo wasn't embarrassing enough, how about this one?

We received a ridiculously large zucchini from some friends this year.
lucy zucchini.jpg

Posing with the produce in our matching outfits.

Vintage Lucy on a vintage sheet quilt.

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July 6, 2010

It's official, Dad needs a Triplet

Oliver reached an important milestone the other day:

Taking in the scenery while on his 8-mile inaugural ride:

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June 23, 2010

Some random photos from this month

What do you think I did to end up looking like this?

Slip 'N' Slide!

Sometimes Oliver just needs to be contained:

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Lucy is on the move

Last week, Lucy decided to try crawling. First, up on the hands and feet.

Knees down, rock backwards.

Then forward.

A few days of rocking and all of a sudden, Lucy started getting somewhere. In other news, Lucy is thisclose to her first official tooth. She is also chunking up quite nicely and weighed in at a respectable 17 lbs 5 ounces at her 9-month check-up. She is a lanky 26 inches long. She is babbling a lot these days - dadadadada, mamamamama and bababababa are her favorites. She also enjoys screaming for fun. And cracking up when someone screams back.

Here are a few more recent Lucy photos for your enjoyment:


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Baby Jacuzzi, 3.0

Like her brother and sister before her, Lucy enjoys a nice baby jacuzzi.

Yes, it sure is nice to have a soak in this little blue tub.

But more fun with a friend!

Things are getting a little crazy in the Baby Jacuzzi.

That's all, folks!

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May 29, 2010

An Afternoon on the Deck

The weather has been great here in Minnesota so we have been spending lots of time outside.

Oliver still likes to rush the camera. (There was an incident with his pants shortly before this photo was taken, Oliver is not one to let a lack of pants stop him from having fun.)

Pants are totally not necessary for going down the slide either.

We blew some bubbles. Er, rather, I blew some bubbles and Oliver ran around trying to pop them.

Check out this huge bubble:

And Oliver's grubby little hand going in for the kill:

Oliver discovered the fun of wearing the play mat as an accessory.

I had to get in on the action, too.

We left some serious dirt in the bathtub after our time outside. Can't wait to do it again!

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85 Miles of Biking and Preschool Graduation, What a Week!

Last weekend, Dad and I went on a great bike adventure. We rode all the way around Lake Pepin as part of the annual 3 Speed Tour. We started in Red Wing, rode all the way to Wisconsin and then back to Minnesota. We even got to camp out for a night, which is one of my very favorite things to do.
elissa 3speed1.jpg

I just love riding on the tandem. As you can see in the following photo, I was ready to keep pedaling. My next big ride is going to be at least 100 miles. Minimal stops.
elissa 3speed2.jpg

In other news, I graduated from preschool a few days ago. I am not thrilled in this photo because the graduation hats are way too tight.

As usual, there was cake involved. Oliver was really hoping I would share some of my cake with him but no such luck.

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