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June 20, 2005

Father's Day and a small sampling of my many expressions

Dad and I had a pretty mellow Father's Day. I hung out with him on the couch when he got home from work. As you can see, my dad is having a pretty good time. I liked it too.
19-June-2005 Elissa-Dad 1.jpg
After dinner, I took Dad out for some ice cream at Izzy's. I conveniently left my wallet at home so Mom had to pay. I'm a sneaky little devil.

Sitting here looking pretty is serious business.
17-June-2005 serious2.jpg
My Dad picked out the outfit I am wearing in these shots. Can you believe he chose a dress? He got a little confused when he tried to put me in it, but he eventually figured it out.

I guess I don't mind the dress too much. I can even be persuaded to crack a smile while wearing it.
17-June-2005 smile1.jpg
Did someone say that I look cute??

I spent some time this morning in my Pack and Play.
20-June-2005 smile2.jpg
When I saw that Mom had the camera out again, I showed her this gummy grin.

I spend a good chunk of every day eating. It's not easy being such a glutton.
20-June-2005 overwhelmed4.jpg
I am overwhelmed by the amount of milk I just drank. The safest thing for me to do in this situation is take a nap.

I'm starting to master the waterpail lip. This isn't my best one, but you get the drift.
19-June-2005 waterpail5.jpg
My best waterpail lip features a trembly chin and some whimpering. The lip alone isn't enough to get what I want.

That'll do it for today! Despite the fact that I slept for 9 hours straight last night, I think I'm ready for another nap. I'm sure those parents of mine will whip out the camera again as soon as I'm awake. Check back soon for another update!

Posted by thil0020 at June 20, 2005 4:34 PM


Elissa is so cute! I think I need another sister... I have three little brothers (10, 8, and 4 yrs--we are actually adopting the 4 yr old so he's not technically my brother yet) and one little sister (5 yrs) but I don't get to see my sis often cause she is only my half sister, and I don't live with her. :( If you are ever in AZ and need a babysitter, call me! (jk) I love your blog 'cause of the jokes and comments. Thanks for making me laugh! :D ttfn!

Posted by: Skye at June 22, 2005 4:52 PM

Uh, oh, man. She's starting to look like Jim. It might turn out all right, though; my daughter looked like Winston Churchill at this age.

Posted by: Sam_S at June 25, 2005 6:09 PM