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May 22, 2005

I've been busy

Hello. How are you?
22-May-2005 boppy1.jpg
It's been awhile since I posted, and has my life been exciting!
22-May-2005 boppy2.jpg
Let me tell you, these parents of mine are suckers for a cute look or a whimper.
22-May-2005 boppy3.jpg
They are wrapped around my little finger. We're having a great time going places and having visitors.

But it isn't all fun and games.
22-May-2005 boppy4.jpg
Sometimes I get stressed out.
22-May-2005 boppy5.jpg
During these times, my dad tries to calm me down.
22-May-2005 withdad7.jpg
Sometimes it works, and sometimes it doesn't. When it doesn't, it's usually because I'm hungry, so dad wakes up mom to feed me. After three or four bedtime meals, It's usually lights out for five or six hours until morning.

On another note, my hair is coming in nicely.
22-May-2005 hair6.jpg
It's way thicker than my dad's "beard".

I like to sit in my car seat, even when I'm not leaving home.
22-May-2005 carseat8.jpg
The upright position helps with my gas.

Mom said I was stinky tonight.
22-May-2005 bath9.jpg
I tried out my new blue bathtub. It was OK.

As soon as my Grandma left last week, my Nanna came here to visit. I don't have any pictures of her yet, but I'm sure to get a few shots since she is here for 10 or 11 days. Imagine my dad going that long without using bad language. It's hilarious to watch. He just keeps his mouth shut most of the time. From what I've seen, that's not a bad idea. I don't think Nanna is fooled though.

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May 17, 2005

Bathing and some other stuff

It's been a busy past few days for me. My dad had a couple days off of work so we hung out a lot. I helped him tune up his bike and we had some chats. Good times.

I also hung out with my mom.
13-May-2005 withmom.jpg
I was modeling my neopolitan ice cream themed ensemble.

I had my first bath the other day. I wouldn't usually put this kind of thing on the internet, but I was young and I needed the money.
17-May-2005 bath.jpg
My dad was looking out for me though, as he strategically covered me with a washcloth. I think it's a very tasteful layout.

To be honest, the bath wasn't much fun. The water was too cold.
17-May-2005 afterbath.jpg
The best part was that I got to put on my boxing robe afterward.

This is a picture of my big brother Milton giving me a smooch.
17-May-2005 milton.jpg
If anybody ever messes with me, they're going to have to answer to Milton. He keeps a close eye on me, and he's pretty tough.

When I'm not eating, I have to keep my eating muscles in shape by sucking on anything I can find.
17-May-2005 finger.jpg
My finger will do in a pinch.

But sometimes, other protruding objects catch my eye.
17-May-2005 nose.jpg
My dad's nose wasn't nearly as tasty as you might think.

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May 14, 2005

Grandma's in town

My grandma's in town for the weekend. It's pretty nice because she nags my dad to dress me warmer and cover me with tons of blankets when we go places. Yesterday was my first trip to Target. Today I went to Cap's Grille (I ate beforehand, and afterhand) and then to Dairy Queen. I had a busy day, but it felt good because I slept all night last night without waking up. That is, without waking up until 4:30 AM when my dad woke me up because he thought there was something wrong with me for sleeping so well. A lady needs her beauty rest.

These are some pictures of me yesterday when my grandma first came to my house.

This is me chilling in my bouncer. It vibrates.
13-May-2005 bouncer.jpg
Not quite sure what to think about vibrating. Somethimes it's stimulating and rejuvenative, and sometimes it's just too much.

Look at my enormous muscles.
13-May-2005 muscles.jpg
Welcome to the gun show.

Hey! What are you trying to take a picture of punk? Do you think I'm just a piece of meat? Gimme that camera!
13-May-2005 grabthecamera.jpg
The paparazzi is relentless.

It's not easy being one of the beautiful people.
13-May-2005 ontable.jpg

Here's me with grandma.
15-May-2005 grandma.jpg
She is young to be a grandma, at least that's what she says.

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May 11, 2005

I'm back

Yeah, I'm still alive and well at age 6 days (almost 1 week!), despite what you may have heard about my dad. Life is good. I had a rough first day home from the hospital, but now I'm really settling into a routine. I eat, I do some activity (like get dressed), then I sleep for a few hours, and repeat. Once in awhile I cry inconsolably for 2-3 hours in the middle of the night for no apparent reason. My dad usually hangs out and talks to me and helps me burp during these episodes.

Here's what my mom dressed me in on the day I came home from the hospital.
11-May-2005 hospoutfit1.jpg
There are pictures of bees on my shirt.

When I got home, I learned I had two older, furry brothers.
This is Nanuk, who is now the middle child. He's gross.

My other brother Milton adores me. My dad says I don't need a baby monitor with Milton around. When I cry, Milton goes and gets my mom and dad to come and help me. He also cries with me.

Finally settling in at home.

And here are some pictures from tonight.
11-May-2005 tonight5.jpg
I was hanging out on a huge bed where my mom and dad try to sleep. My cord fell off today. Will I have an innie or an outie? We'll see.

Same place, different use of the hands.
11-May-2005 tonight6.jpg

Here's me hanging out with my dad.
11-May-2005 withdad7.jpg

Check out my foot.
11-May-2005 myfoot8.jpg
I have long toes, like my mom.

My hand is still pretty little compared to dad's.
11-May-2005 myhand9.jpg

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May 7, 2005

My lineage

What do you think? Do I look like my mom? My grandpa sent my dad these pictures of my mom taken when she was 1 day old.


There's hope. I was worried that I'd look like a girl version of my dad.

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New friends and some good rest

Today I made some new friends. First, Grant stopped by with his mom and dad. Then Kaya visited with her mom and dad. I was pretty tired when they were here, though, so I slept most of the time. My dad thought there was something wrong with me because I didn't fuss at all when all the different people held me and passed me around. As soon as they left, I threw a tantrum just to let mom and dad know I was ok.

I'm not going to lie to you. I did some sleeping today.
7-May-2005 sleeping1.jpg

And some more sleeping.
7-May-2005 sleeping2.jpg

Sometimes I get hungry, but I get too worked up to eat.
7-May-2005 sleeping3.jpg
Dad wets his little finger in a bottle of Old Grandad and lets me suck on it. This relaxes me and primes me up for the main event with mom.

After I ate, dad and I took a good nap together.
7-May-2005 sleepingwdad1.jpg

It lasted a really long time.
7-May-2005 sleepingwdad2.jpg
We both needed the rest as the past few days have been tiring.

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Another day on the outside

Life is going pretty well for me on the outside. Mom and I are starting to get into sync on my feeding routine, and all the nurses in the baby ward like to come in and hang out with me. Earlier Friday morning, I wasn't too hopeful for this world. I got frustrated because feeding was turning out to be more of a chore than I thought it would be. And whenever I went to sleep, someone would pick me up for no good reason. But by mid-afternoon, things were starting to come together. I had a good meal, and I did some serious sleeping.

Sometimes I pretend to sleep while I contemplate complicated issues.
6-May-2005 elissa1.jpg
Here I'm working out the logistics of cold fusion.

I have a good head of hair for someone my age.
6-May-2005 elissa_hair.jpg
But this is nothing compared to some of the swarthy babies I saw when I was still in the nursery. Some of those kids looked like wookies.

This is my most restful position when I'm with my mom.
6-May-2005 elissa_fetal.jpg
She and I shared a good nap this way earlier in the morning. After lunch, I curled up and fell asleep again. I spent the past few months in the same position and it just feels right to me. I sleep a lot, but don't think I don't earn it. It's hard work training my mom and dad how to deal with newborns.

I also spent some time napping with dad.
6-May-2005 elissa_dad.jpg
He talks to me a lot and it helps me relax and go to sleep. Dad says his talking has the same effect on the students he teaches.

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May 5, 2005

Hello, I'm here

Well, after fighting the good fight to stay in the warm place where I was before, I came out kicking and screaming at 2 AM today. I was a big girl at 9 pounds 7 ounces. My mom and dad named me Elissa Jane after nobody in particular. I now spend most of my time sleeping, looking at stuff, and crying after I've "dominated one" in my pants. My mom seems nice. She feeds me when I get hungry and she tells my dad what to do when he gets confused. My dad is a really funny guy, and handsome, and extremely muscular and strong. Also he is a genius. He took these pictures of me today. In the future I probably won't post as many pictures because my dad is not financially wealthy and refuses to pay for a fast internet connection, so it takes a long time to upload photos. Maybe my well-to-do grandparents can get him hooked up to a high speed network so they can see more pictures of me. Just spit-ballin' ideas here; I don't mean to pressure anyone.

The following 20 photos are intended to showcase me to the world, namely the various friends and relatives who might want to see pictures of me. In order to make these pictures easier to upload and download, my dad makes them smaller and of lesser quality than the originals. If you are a family friend or relative who would like a higher quality, bigger sized version of one or more of the following, email my dad, and he will send it/them to you when he's not busy spoiling me.

Just a pre-emptive note. I have a problem with scratching myself with my razor-sharp fingernails in my sleep. My mom wants to give me a manicure to prevent this, but she isn't physically up to it yet, and she doesn't trust my dad to do it. For now, I have to keep my meat hooks covered when I sleep.

5-May-2005 elissa1.jpg

5-May-2005 elissa2.jpg

5-May-2005 elissa3.jpg

5-May-2005 elissa4.jpg

5-May-2005 elissa5.jpg

5-May-2005 elissa6.jpg

5-May-2005 elissa7.jpg

5-May-2005 elissa8.jpg

5-May-2005 elissa9.jpg

5-May-2005 elissa10.jpg

5-May-2005 elissa11.jpg

5-May-2005 elissa12.jpg

5-May-2005 elissa13.jpg

5-May-2005 elissa14.jpg

5-May-2005 elissa15.jpg

5-May-2005 elissa16.jpg

5-May-2005 elissa17.jpg

5-May-2005 elissa18.jpg

5-May-2005 elissa19.jpg

5-May-2005 elissa20.jpg

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