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July 24, 2005

I go places

A frequent occurrence at my house recently is that we go places.

I better get some rest so I can enjoy the trip.
This position opens my sinuses so I don't snore.

Check out my sweet ride while I check out the scenery.
24-July-2005 my chariot.jpg
I'm trying to convince my dad to install spinners on it. I'd be the only baby on my block with spinners.

I was given an important job on this outing, to hold the camera.
24-July-2005 camera.jpg
Strap inspection is just one of the freebies I throw in.

We eat at Cap's sometimes.
24-July-2005 caps.jpg
That's my chariot there, in the foreground.

Here I help my mom decipher the train schedule.
24-July-2005 train.jpg
I like to go places on the train. I can ride for free, but mom and dad left their wallets at home. Now you know where I learned that trick.

Scenic vistas like this one can be found not far from my house.
24-July-2005 scenic.jpg
I tried yodeling, but it didn't work out too well.

Here's Hiawatha's head on a stick.
24-July-2005 hiawatha.jpg
Who says I have to wait for the State Fair to get weird things on a stick?

Here's the top of Minnehaha Falls. It's a pretty big waterfall compared to others I've seen.
24-July-2005 falls.jpg
I would have gone for a swim, but I forgot my suit. And I'm still carrying some holiday weight.

At this point in the story, disaster struck! The batteries in the camera went dead. I told my mom and dad to put in new batteries, but do they listen to me? Of course not. Oh well, I guess that's it for this edition of ESP.

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July 17, 2005

A pretty busy week

Hi there. How are you?
10-July-2005 hi.jpg
I've had a pretty busy week. I go to work with my mom every day and she drops me off at the YMCA daycare. It's not too bad. I like my teachers and my mom stops by to visit me at least a few times each day. We've been doing a lot of art projects lately. I am becoming a real Picasso.

I have also been busy hanging out in my Pack and Play this week.
10-July-2005 packnplay.jpg
I enjoy thrashing around in here, although this picture was taken during one of my mellow moments.

I have recently discovered that my fingers are a tasty treat.
10-July-2005 fingers.jpg
I like to see how many I can fit in my mouth at once.

Oh my, is it time for me to go already?
10-July-2005 who me.jpg
I'll be back soon with another update!

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July 9, 2005

It's fun to swim at the Y-M-C-A

Today I made my debut at the YMCA swimming pool.
09-July-2005 waiting.jpg
I'm suited up and ready to go! All I need is some water.

Hmmmm. It's nice, although not quite as warm as Baby Jacuzzi.
09-July-2005 in the pool.jpg
Jonathan the lifeguard and Krista the lifeguard let us break the rules and take some pictures in the pool. They don't usually allow this, but we had the whole pool to ourselves and my mom is the boss of the pool.

Since I'm under 48 inches tall, my mom had to go in the water with me.
09-July-2005 me and mom.jpg
I didn't mind having her there. I'm only two months old, so I really shouldn't be swimming alone just yet.

I'm already big enough to sit in the shallow end without going underwater.
09-July-2005 squirt.jpg
No fair squirting me with the octopus, mom! (But secretly I like it.)

The shallow end of the pool is for babies. I'm ready to go in the deep end.
09-July-2005 kicking.jpg
I'm already getting the hang of the frogstroke. Look at me go!

After we were done swimming, it was time for a warm shower. I really liked this part, especially when my mom let me get my hair wet.
09-July-2005 shower.jpg
I came out looking a little bit like a drowned rat, but it was worth it!

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July 6, 2005

Baby Jacuzzi

My dad is pretty funny. He calls my bath routine "Baby Jacuzzi". It's not really a Jacuzzi, just a plain old plastic tub. But I tell you what, after some of the days I have, I could use some of those real Jacuzzi water jets to loosen up my tense back muscles. But today was a pretty good day. I did an art project at daycare, so I came home pretty relaxed. Actually I was sleeping.

Anyway, tonight I want to show you my bathtime pictorial.

Here I am waiting on my soft towel to get into the tub.
06-July-2005 ready.jpg
My first bath, a couple months ago, wasn't much fun because my Mom and Dad were sucked in by the liability-proof baby tub that said the water was too hot, even when it was freezing cold. Since that first horrible experience, I have come to look forward to Baby Jacuzzi as one of my favorite parts of my daily routine.

OK, I'm in the water. The temperature is just how I like it: HOT!
06-July-2005 tongue.jpg
If you can't stand the heat, you can get out of the kitchen (where Baby Jacuzzi happens every night).

They say the camera adds ten pounds. My doctor said I weigh under thirteen pounds.
06-July-2005 bath1.jpg
So, yeah, the camera is my excuse for why I look like a 23 pound baby in this shot, at least in my belly. Wow! Thanks to my dad for making a mosaic out of my, um, unmentionable parts.

A washcloth! That's better.
06-July-2005 cloth.jpg
Those Hollywood special effects don't leave enough to the imagination, in my humble opinion.

Ok, now to get down to business. First I get my hair washed.
06-July-2005 watereyes.jpg
My dad usually gets water in my eyes, but it doesn't really bother me. I'm amphibious.

Then my dad washes my stinky pits.
06-July-2005 pits.jpg
It tickles. He then washes my, um, unmentionable parts.

After a thorough scrubbing, I'm ready just to sit in the tub to soak.
06-July-2005 splash.jpg
My daily troubles melt away when I kick my feet in the water and get the whole kitchen wet. It's pretty fun.

Then I have to get out. I don't really like this part, but I know I can't stay in too long, or I turn into a prune.
06-July-2005 dry.jpg
Getting dried isn't that bad, I guess.

We've had our ups and downs at Baby Jacuzzi. Today's edition was a good one, and fun.
06-July-2005 thumbs_up.jpg
All in all, I have to give a thumbs up for Baby Jacuzzi.

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